PLEN Session: Personal branding with Linkedin

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Presentation to the Public Leadership Education Network at their 360 Summit in DC. Learn more about PLEN at

Text of PLEN Session: Personal branding with Linkedin

  • 1. Linkedin Stats 300 million active users (100M in U.S. alone) 187,000,000 unique visitors per month Found in 200 countries and territories Available in 20 languages Average user spends 17 minutes per month

2. DID YOU KNOW? 3. Whats your elevator pitch? 4. 20 Minutes to a New You: Writing your Unique Headline Gather with 2-3 others at your table Jot down keywords that describe what you do Get others feedback and input Turn those keywords into a short phrase that describes who you are and what you do Voila! You have a customized Linkedin headline! 5. 5 Keys to Linkedin Success An up-to-date profile, including job experience and summary Posting and sharing content (just like you do on other social networks!) A clear profile photo thats easily recognized as you Contact information thats going to get to you Others feedback and approval 6. Looking nerdy in Google Glass! 7. New Linkedin Features Linkedin Connections and Connections mobile app Professional gallery for your profile; add videos, photos, documents and presentations Showcase projects that youve completed Contact information thats going to get to you School courses, test scores, volunteering info, publications and more 8. Did you know: Linkedin has stats about your profile? 9. Lets Stay in Touch! Follow me @CarChickMWB on Twitter Check out my latest blogs on