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COMM 202Tutorial 5Laptops and phones away! Resume draft in the folder up front!Nametags out & take out a writing utensil!

Cheralyn ChokT39Resume Peer ReviewFeb 26, 2016

Stop. Start. Continue!

What do you want me to stop doing? What do you think I should start incorporating in tutorials?What should I continue/what do you like about tutorials?

Takeaways!On the back of your evaluation, write down ONE key thing that you learned in the first half of the term. After that, write down ONE skill in particular you want to learn in this next half of the term.

Share with the person next to you!

Be ready to share with the class so we can compare.

AgendaResume Styling

Resume Peer Review

Action Items


All of these slides on resume content will be up on the blog, but we dont have time to go through them in class today.6

From this


To this!

Post- 202Current day (still in the works!)



The banner at the top of the page that contains basic information

HeaderThe banner at the top of the page that contains basic informationBasic info:AddressLinkedIn URL (personalized)Phone NumberWebsite URL


HeaderMore examples


Profile / Key Competencies A brief self-intro and preview of your resume

Profile / Key CompetenciesMore examples

Key Competencies replace the Profile

Profile / Key CompetenciesFor BUCS students:

Key Competencies replace the Profile

Profile / Key CompetenciesFor BUCS students: Pro Tip: Refer to your Job Posting!

EducationA brief self-intro and preview of your resume

EducationA brief self-intro and preview of your resume

INTERESTSWORD CHOICECOLOUR & DESIGNMATCH TO COVER LETTERPresenting YOU throughout the document!Personal Branding

Showcase who you are! How do you want to be remembered?

GOAL:Showcase Personality & Differentiate Yourself!How do you want to be remembered?Are you catering to your audience?


Triple A competitive Soccer (forward)Contemporary ballet (5 years experience)Backpacking through Eastern EuropeReading classical fiction by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens


InterestsBe able to speak extensively about the topics you put here Hold at least a 5 minute conversation on the topicSpecifics Differentiate yourself!Be well rounded (Physical/creative/worldly-ness) Cater to your employer where possible (ONLY IF ITS REALLY TRUE!)

Be FUN but appropriate


How could I improve this?23

MarkingIf you have 2 or more errors, we will deduct 40%!

Spelling & GrammarTyposFormattingMissing InfoDashes vs. HyphensConsistency

Spelling & grammar, typos, formatting, missing info, dashes vs. hyphens, consistency24

ResumePeer Review!


FormattingheaderName is preferred name with (given name) in bracketsPhone and address are includedLinkedIn URL is personalizedgeneralNo personal pronouns (I, we, he, she)Reasonable amount of white space is it easy to read?Experiences listed in reverse chronological order by start dateTitles formatted the sameSpacing is consistentMargins are reasonable (1.5cm)Phrases either ALL end in period or notDatesUsually right-alignedAll have month and year, or just yearAll months are abbreviated to same # of lettersUses hyphens () OR dashes (-)Font:Size is 10Generally no more than two types of fontNumbers < 10 are spelled out (i.e. two vs. 2)Bullets: same size/style, alignedconsistency

Profile/Key CompetenciesVery clearly and convincingly summarizes strengths/experiences/skills Provides clear and convincing link to the rest of the resumeMatching to job posting (multiple references)Third person

EducationDoes it clearly summarize education experiences (i.e. including academic projects / relevant courses / grades / awards)?Is there any ambiguity with respect to the info provided?Does it match the job description?important guidelinesBCom not BCOMMStart with the degreeList expected date of completion (either as Completion: or Expected Completion: ...)No laundry lists of courses: only specific, relevant coursesGPA score/%/letter grade, indicating the school scaleKey/relevant projects and awards: write in accomplishment statement formTransfer schools can be separate if desiredExchange schools can be separate or incorporated


Accomplishment StatementsAre experiences achievement based?Do numbers clearly quantify achievements where appropriate?Do statements have Accomplishment, Proof, Transferrable Skills, and Scope of Action?Are the result verbs varied and strong?Does language indicate familiarity with industry / company? Does it match the job description?rubricimportant guidelinesReverse chronological order by start dateYou can include explanation sentences of companies/experiences if necessary (but need to do it for ALL or NONE)Eliminate filler wordsKeep it to one sentence (2 lines is best)The elements of the RATS statement should be apparent (but not necessarily in RATS order)

BrandingPersonal qualifications are well tailored to requirements of job (clear 60-70% match)Multiple words from job description are included in resume (5+)Interests section show personality and relevant specific interestsThere is strong evidence of CAN-WANT-FIT match made

update to the rubric!!Tailoring the resumeappropriate industry terms Integration separate30

IntegrationPersonal style is consistent across both Resume & Cover Letter

Who got the interview?

Who would you want to interview if you were the recruiter? (can only pick one)Who had the WOW factorWhat was good about their application?

What were some general trends that you saw at your table?Things that you likedThings to improve your own resume?


Action ItemsSign up for office hours on COOL (additional ones posted this week)LinkedIn due before next tutorial (hand it in by connecting with me)Final Resume & Cover Letter due March 8th at 2:00pm on Turnitin