Setting SMART Goals

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2. What are SMART Goals? 3. SMART Goals: A powerful tool to dene or rene your career journey. 4. Who sets SMART Goals? 5. Anyone who needs to clearly articulate their personal or professional goals. 6. Starting your career?Growing your career?Pivoting to a new career?Then setting SMART goals can help you bring your career vision to life. 7. What does SMART stand for? 8. SPECIFICSMARTStellar goals are crystal clear and well-dened. They act as a magnet, focusing your attention along your career journey. EXAMPLE: "I want to work for a consulting rm with ofces in more than 50 countries." 9. MEASURABLESMARTGoals that contain specic numbers or dates keep you on track and provide a way to measure your success. EXAMPLE: "I will join three industryrelated LinkedIn groups and add comments at least once a week." 10. ATTAINABLESMARTRealistic yet challenging goals let you celebrate your achievements and provide personal satisfaction. EXAMPLE: "I want to start my own business using the strengths and skills that I have developed over the years." 11. RELEVANTSMARTRelevant career goals align with the direction you want your life to take. EXAMPLE: "I want a job that gives me more time with my family." 12. TIME-BASEDSMARTYou set a deadline for your career goals, so there's a sense of urgency and you know when you can celebrate success. EXAMPLE: "I will enroll in a certicate program within the next three months." 13. Specific Measurable A ttainable Relevant T ime-based