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An update from the 2011 version on Building your Personal brand in Social Media. This adds Pinterest and other new elements in to the mix.


  • 1.Build YourSocial Brand To Connect With OpportunityUploaded April 2012, 1370 views

2. Networking is aboutBeing a Part of the Conversation 3. Who the heck is he? 4. You leave a Digital Footprint Why not take advantage of it? 5. What do you portray?Think about Your Brand 6. Wear your Passion on your Sleeve Or on your back 7. Create Your Persona 8. Different SitesDifferent PurposesOne Brand 9. CitizenJournalist 10. a e dil M a o ciS 11. But...I dont have time to keep up 12. Its Not like Email... its Real Time 13. So Relax. 14. Amplify Your ActivityAt Every Opportunity You read that article.... So share it! 15. Connect, Share, Amplify... even when mobile Authenticity and timeliness trumps high production values 16. Tread Carefully!Persistent Self Promotioncan be Counter Productive 17. Dont talk at meHave a conversation with me 18. What use is a lousy 140 Characters? 19. N The S Mark Scrimshire S Health & Social etwork Technology is ocial & Strategist trategic@ekivemark Mark Scrimshire Health & Social Technology Consultant E: T: +1.703.623.2789 W: AOL/Skype/Twitter: @ekivemarkElevatorPitchBrevity and the art of the URL 20. Connecting doesnthave to be hard 21. Amplify Your ActivityWith a Social Dashboard 22. Let Your brand ow across platforms 23. Everything is connected...Establish Your Home and Bring People There 24. All Roads Lead You HomeAll Roads Lead You Home - By Scrimshire 25. Ask not what your communitycan do for youAsk what you can do for yourcommunity John Miller 26. Build YourSocial Brand To Connect With Opportunity