Spring Career Makeover by Bayt.com

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Do you feel spring in the air? Let this season of change bring in a new beginning for your career too! For the month of March check out our list of daily tips: Tip #1 Work on your work-life balance. Four in 10 professionals say they do not have good work-life balance. Check out these six recommendations that will help you set your work-life balance straight: http://ow.ly/uxski Tip #2 Be a lifelong learner Seven in 10 professionals say the habit of reading is extremely important for career success. Check out these facts that will convince you to enjoy a lifetime of learning: http://ow.ly/uxswi Tip #3. Learn to manage your manager Good manager-employee relationship is one among the top factors affecting retention: http://ow.ly/uxwL5 Let your relationship with your boss be a winning one Anticipate your managers needs before they do and make yourself indispensable! Tip #4. Perfect your communication skills Good communication skills in English and Arabic has consistently ranked #1 on Bayt.coms Job Index surveys: http://ow.ly/uxxJY. If youre not confident of your written or speaking skills then take a course and invest in your personal development Tip #5. Create a winning online professional brand 92% professionals believe that a good online personal brand can help you get more interviews and grow your career! http://ow.ly/uxyAL Tip #6. Get referred, recommended and endorsed Getting endorsed is just one of the Top 10 tips from this super-helpful Bayt.com Infographic that will help your profile be on employers search-list: http://ow.ly/uxz8Q Tip #7. Network regularly and expand your professional group 35% professionals found their last job via. their network of family and friends. Reach out to your network. The idea is not to ask for a job outright, but to ask if they can direct you to a resource that will help you in your career. Tip #8. Exercise regularly and eat healthy! 82% professionals exercise and 68% professionals say they eat healthy. As you know your health is true wealth, so dont ignore it anymore! Check out these easy to apply healthy tips: http://ow.ly/uxBYm Tip #9. Hire people who are even better than you are. Hire people you will lift and inspire you. Check out this excellent piece of advice on hiring overqualified talent: http://ow.ly/uxClk Tip #10. Be humble, respectful and professional. Always. Your character counts, and goes a long way in determining your success. Additionally check out these 20 amazing tips to career success: http://ow.ly/uxEoF Tip #11. Be generous with your knowledge and skills The best use of knowledge is when it is shared with everyone. Share your knowledge is on Bayt.coms Specialties platform where you will find thousands of specific specific skill-based forums to select from. Tip #12. Set SMART objectives S - Specific M - Measurable A - Achievable R - Realistic T - Timely