The Best Way To Find A Job: Use Social Media and Get Hired Fast

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Out of a job? Want a new career? Social media networking is the answer. Most people get employed by using social media and if you want to get hired fast or find your next employer it's most likely you will do this through the Internet, social media and or through networking. This presentation will show you what to do and what to say to land a job or change your career quickly and easily to get into a career or a job and make money and become employed or get re-hired even in a down economy or if you've been laid off or have gaps in your resume.

Text of The Best Way To Find A Job: Use Social Media and Get Hired Fast

  • hints for Getting a job by networking information for expanding Your social network Tips on Networking
  • Table of Contents Getting a Job by Networking Slide 3 - 14 Expanding Your Social Network . Slide 15 - 21
  • HELPFUL HINTS FOR Getting a Job by Networking
  • Exactly What is Networking? Networking is simply getting to know people. You dont even know that you network every day, everywhere you go. You network when you strike up a conversation with the person you sit next to on the bus, plane, or train. You network when you introduce yourself to someone elses spouse, parent, family member or friend. You network with other parents at your childs school, when you meet up with a former co-worker, or when you stop to talk with a neighbor. What you need to realize is that all of these encounters can help you in your quest for employment. Networking is one of the best ways to find a job. Reasons why people are reluctant to take advantage of networking: They are frightened They dont want to appear over- ambitious They dont want to bother others They dont want to appear self-serving
  • A lot of people dont know that they are already networking Connecting with that hidden job market can take a little more planning, and a lot more nerve than looking online, but it yields much better results. Deciding to network builds connections and helps you during good times and bad. Networking can help you hook up with that perfect job, it can assist you to make valuable connections in your chosen field. It will also help you to stay focused and motivated during your quest for employment.
  • People do business with Resumes & cover letters People they know and like. Tend to be too impersonal Will not convince an employer to hire you Why Networking is the best way to find a job
  • Job postings tend to Networking makes you Place you in competition with many other applicants A recommended affiliate from a much smaller pool of applicants Why Networking is the best way to find a job
  • The job you want Networking can lead to Is not being advertised Information about jobs before the position is even posted or announced Why Networking is the best way to find a job
  • Networking Tip #1 You may think that you dont know anybody who can help you find a job. Actually, you know more people than you think you know! Some of those people know someone who can give you career advice, or who can point you in the right direction for finding a job. The thing to remember is you will never know if you dont ask them! Make a list of the people that you know. Include as many of the following as you possibly can: Casual acquaintances Church members Family members Former co-workers Former colleagues Friends High school/college counselors
  • After developing your list Consider the following: You already belong to quite a few networks (family, friends, colleagues, church club members, etc.) Your job search network can be natural extension of these primary contacts. Each of these networks will connect you to another network (e.g., teachers, other parents, schools, community leaders). Each member of a network may know of an available job or a connection to someone who will know of one.
  • Networking Tip #2 Networking works the best when you have specific employment targets and career goals. You will not get leads if you make a request like let me know if you hear of anything. You probably believe you will have better luck by leaving yourself open to all the possibilities. In reality, this openness creates a black hole that sucks all of the networking potential right out of your request. Tell your network about your situation: Let them know that youre looking for a job Tell them what kind of work you are looking for. Ask them if they have any information Ask them if they know of anyone who is in a field that is similar, or relevant. Do not believe that certain people will not be able to help you because you never know just who they know or are related to.
  • Start with your best references who Are part of a major networking hub Can endorse your: Abilities Track record Character
  • Networking Tip #3 Networking is a process that involves giving and taking to make connections, share information, and ask questions. You dont have to pass your business cards out on street corners, or cold call everyone on your contact list, or work a room of strangers. All you really have to do is reach out. Develop lasting relationships: By relating to others Should not be just to get someone to do you a favor or give you a job By reaching out and asking for help Nurture the relationship: Through your job search and even beyond By creating a strong network of people that you can go to for: Ideas Advice Feedback Support
  • Maintain lasting relationships Be dependable Be thoughtful Ask for guidance, not a job Make your request specific by telling them exactly how they can help you. A reference Their take on the industry from an insiders view A referral An introduction to someone in the field Be sure to give an update on your qualifications and recent professional experience.
  • INFORMATION FOR Expanding Your Social Network
  • Network to Find a Job A few years ago, Margo met Jerome at a social event. At the time, Jerome had a small business that sounded kind of intriguing to Margo. Margo always made it a habit to collect contact information at the end of these kinds of events. At that time, Martha was very happy with her job. The next day Martha sent Jerome her resume and a letter that recapped their conversation. Jerome filed the communication for future reference. A year and a half later, Jerome was starting a different business and needed someone with a particular skill set. Jerome remembered meeting Martha, and that she had those skills. He pulled her resume out of his file, contacted her, and discussed the new idea with her. The opportunity and the timing were perfect. Martha now works for this successful business, where she is able to add value as a key component to the businesss operations. Networking in professional, social, and other settings has become an increasingly important part of job searches, because now a days people are more apt to move from one company to another.
  • Network All of the Time Talk to anybody and everybody including those new to an industry as well as the old pros. Talk to those in school and those overseas. They all matter! There are networking opportunities every day. They happen at: Parties Dinners Events Small gatherings Birthday parties Volunteer activities Ceremonies The gym The grocery store The garage
  • Share Your Resume with Many Develop a resume just for networking alone. Have your networking resume handy and available on short notice. Resumes can serve as detailed business cards that: Remind contacts about you Let your contacts know about your accomplishments
  • Use Informational Interviews Use another networking opportunity to hold an informational interview that is informal. Have an informal chat: Ask someone to talk about his/her job Dont try to get a job out of the chat Use it as a way to get a detailed picture of the industry You can ask just about anything You will probably get a more truthful response
  • Expanding your social network Many smart people know how to: Succeed academically Do a great job in the office How many of them know that most of their professional lives are determined by who they know? Who do you know? Who do you work with?
  • Tips for expanding your social network Who will help us? (This is the best question to ask) Why are we doing this? How are we going to get it done? When are we going to do it? What are we going to do? For example, I run a baking company and I am looking for five new clients. I would call around and ask the people who make decisions about company gala dinners, product launches, and employee events. Id call event planners and audio/visual folks. Id call my friends whove invited me to company bashes in the past and have them put me in touch with the corporate events contact. Id call larger foundations and ask for their upcoming schedule. Id call a company with an anniversary or founder event coming up.
  • hints for Getting a job by networking information for expanding Your social network Tips on Networking