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Things not to do in a job interview


  • 1. THINGS NOTTO DO IN AJOBINTERVIEWBY: DOMINIC DEUSDEDITHFounder and CEO of Flyman TechnologyDar es salaam, Tanzania

2. NOT TO DO IN A JOB INTERVIEWFollow us 3. So you have decided to take that leap of faith and look for a new job. Oryou might be in the process of wanting to change things for the better. Nomatter what your intentions are, a successful career can bring you anumber of different achievements. First impressions as they say count andare more important than ever. However, before you get your feet underthe virtual desk there is of course the job interview to master. When it comes to job interviews you can choose from a wide variety oftechniques as well as measures in order to cope with the big day. On theother hand, there are so many ways in which you can cope with thetension not to mention the nerves. At the end of the day all you need todo is to remain calm and take some advice from not only your friends butalso your family. Regardless of what industry you are striving to succeed in, nailing a jobinterview can be extremely rewarding. Whether it is your first timeundergoing on or you have been to a series of grillings, the interviewprocess can be a daunting process. Of course a curriculum vitae or CV is an important part of the process. It iscrucial that you send your prospective employer a CV that outlines yourachievements, while emphasising your qualities and previous workexperience. So to avoid any flustered situations and improve your chancesof landing that dream role here are the top 10 things to avoid when facedwith that all important job interview. 4. 1. Dont Be Unprepared In the first instance, you willneed to make sure that youare fully prepared. At allcosts, you should not beunprepared as it will showin the interview. You needto put plenty of effort in tolook at the sector, the bossand the ethos of thecompany. The position iseverything so you should gothe extra mile to learnabout the role and becomeknowledgeable about theparticular company. Thiswill stand you in good steadbecause you will be takenmuch more seriously. 5. 2. Salary This is definitely not the placeto discuss figures. For somereason, it can be deemedacceptable on the off chancethat the interviewers raise thematter accordingly. Salariesare always a sensitive subjectin interviews so it should notbe a major topic during theprocedure unless instructed.Have a rough idea in yourmind before going but dontbring this up as it will sendout the wrong messages. 6. 3. Eye Contact It is imperative that youmaintain reasonable eye contactwith your prospectiveemployers. Staring into space oreven down at the floor is notthe best way to impress people,especially those who you mightbe working with. However, youshould not stare too much as itmay become a little overbearingfor some in the room. Gettingthe right balance of steelydetermination andprofessionalism is key to makesure you are focused on the taskat hand.Follow us 7. 4. Being Honest You should not be evasive when in the middle of conducting an interview. You willprobably be faced with a series of challenging questions which will be direct andto the point. Nonetheless you need to be prepared at all times to face the firingsquad and be direct with your responses. Body language is a giveaway so youshould perceive to have an air of confidence with your answers 8. 5. Being False There is also no room for beingfalse as far as an interviewsituation is concerned. You wantto please everyone in the roomand make sure you answer eachquestion properly but playing tothe crowd should not be on theagenda. No doubt you will findyourself in a potentially stressfulscenario but it is essential thatyou remain calm and beyourself. This is far better thanboasting or providingoutrageous credentials that yousimply cannot prove. 9. 6. Dont Be Informal You must never forget the fact that being informal will get you nowhere.There is no place for chit chat and such like in an interview process andyou should be professional at all times. Approach questions in a business-likemanner and dont bring any personal issues to the table. Thecompany is more interested in how well you can perform the job, notabout the latest gossip about your marriage. 10. 7. Insulting Your Former Company Making any accusationsabout your former employersis a big no-no. Employers arenot interested about yourspeaking in a negativemanner about anyindividuals. Trash talkingsomeone during an interviewpaints the wrong impressionof you so avoid it at all costs.Harping on in this mannerwill get you nowhere exceptbeing shown the exit door. 11. 8. Platitudes It is very irritating forcompanies when they hearpopular clichs that peopletend to churn out on aregular basis. This includesthe likes of being a genuineteam player or having theability to be a problem solver.The majority of switched oninterviewees will have heardthese terms a thousandtimes over. Therefore, youhave to be inventive in youranswers and concise, whilstpromoting your characterand mentioning how you canresolve and rectify issues. 12. 9. Being Quiet Being inquisitive about the job and the company is crucial to getting aheadin the interview. No company will want a wallflower who does not take avested interest in their business. Employers are looking for whether youcan fit in with fellow employees and have the ability to build relationsaccordingly. Companies want dynamic, effervescent individuals so makethat interview count. 13. 10. Dressing Casual Being smart is certainly theorder of the day and tocreate that first impression.As the old saying goes,clothes do really make theman or woman. In this way,from the moment you walkinto meet the interviewer,you should dress toimpress with a snappy suit,shirt and a pair of smartbrogues. After all it is muchbetter to look the part thannot 14. Follow us DOMINIC DEUSDEDITHFounder and CEO of Flyman TechnologyDar es salaam, Tanzania