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"Most of us do not realize the time and energy that we waste on useless activities that form part of our schedules. In order to be an effective performer avoid these top 10 time wasting activities to increase productivity and become successful." More tips and answers at


  • 1. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!www.Jobxray.comCorrect, comprehensive and effective insider tips for job seekers, is yoursingle stop for answers to all the tough, sometimes bizarre questions that interviewers aroundthe world can test you with.Job Interviews carry high stakes and can be extremely stressful given the high stakes that theycarry. Interviewers can be moody but overall, interviews follow a definite structure. Afterpersonally conducting countless interviews and reviewing 1000s of resumes I have squeezed allthe tricks into the easy to follow www.jobxray.comHere is one popular article from my blog - Time Wasting Activities Top 10There are many hurdles to success but there is one big challenge that affects both employerand employee alike, time wasting activities.Whether you are driving efficiency in others or conscientiously working yourself, such timeconsuming actions eat into productive time and hamper growth.To make matters worse, many of us do not realize the impact of such wasteful actions untilmuch after; missing deadlines, poor quality work, frustration, anger and enormous amounts ofstress are some of the damaging results that are borne out of such behavior.Lets look at some of the main culprits that should be avoided for efficient time management andmaximum productivity:1. Telephone callsA necessary evil, phone conversations are an efficient alternative to meetings. Many issues anddoubts can be quickly clarified by simply calling the relevant person for the information. Thechallenge arises when individuals start using the phone for gossip and non professionalconversations.Although some organizations keep a tight check on the use of the office phone by monitoringcalls, time wastage through extended personal calls should also be curtailed.

2. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!www.Jobxray.com2. Meetings without an agendaDislike them as much as you want but meetings are a reality that every organization needs toembrace. Meetings are held so that people can discuss issues as a group and make a decision.But this is not always achieved because most meetings lack an agenda or dont clearly statetheir objective.One key attribute of effective time management is to have a clear agenda driving every meeting.3. Under / Over planningSuccess mandates efficient planning as it guides the team to work on prioritized tasks andtowards a common objective. However, sometimes tight deadlines make managers skip thisstrategic step in an attempt to save time. The most common outcome is that the team loses itsway and an enormous amount of time is wasted in analyzing the situation and backtracking plan in advance to mitigate such situations.Another mistake that some individuals make is to dwell over the plan for long periods of time.Create a plan and start work it is not possible to envisage all possible hurdles and itsrecommended that you start when you have the basics covered.4. Unstructured processes and policiesAmbiguity is a mammoth time waster and in most organizations there are numerous policies andprocesses that one needs to adhere to. If there is lack of clarity in these procedures, individualscan wastefully spend a lot of time trying to find the right way out. While not everything can belaid out on paper, it helps to have a frequent reminder letting all members know about the bestpractices.5. Lack of delegationToo many cooks may spoil the broth, but one cook doing the job of many will fare no better.Attempting to do everything by yourself may not the best option as it not only prevents you fromfocusing on the priority but also compromises the time that you can spend on each task.Calculate the time that needs to be spent on each task and try to get the right person for it.Effective delegation is a great tool for success.6. No prioritizationAn important outcome of planning is a prioritized list of tasks that need to be done to achieve theobjective. Without prioritization you may miss working on critical success factors resulting in anoverall loss of effort and time. 3. Interview Questions, Answers and Tips!www.Jobxray.com7. Excessive paperworkAvoid unnecessary paperwork as it is time consuming and also more challenging to store andkeep track of. With the advent of technology almost all processes are computerized and onemust attempt to digitize as far as possible.8. ProcrastinationPutting things on the backburner most often results in having to redo the work with latestupdates. Once youve prioritized your activities put timelines and start working on them.9. Inefficiency or incompetenceEmploying the right set of people is a challenge for organizations across the world. Not easy todo, having the right person for the job eliminates time wasting activities such as questions,doubts and simple mistakes. Managers often get frustrated with such employees and end updoing the work themselves or delivering it with lower quality. Clearly outline the job profile at thetime of interviewing and instruct the hiring managers to interview intelligently.10. No communicationClear, consistent and continuous communication is critical in avoiding wastage of time. Thisdelivers a two pronged advantage; on one hand it saves time spent by managers in clarifyingdoubts and correcting mistakes, and on the other hand it helps the team to work correctly andnot waste time on useless tasks.Time is money and more importantly, cannot be recovered if lost use it wisely. Dream Aim Accomplish