Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Resume, Reputation & Connections

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  1. Using LinkedIn to Build Your Online Resume, Reputation & Connections
    twitter: @RickGalan
  2. What is LinkedIn ?
    LinkedIn doesnt give a good answer:
  3. What is LinkedIn ?
    My Answer:
    Social Media Platform
    Online Resume
    Referral Generator
    Contact Manager
    Business Development tool
    Company Information Directory
    Event Manager
    Group/Club Organizational Tool
    Industry Q&A Platform
    Job Hunting Site/Recruiting tool
    Much more!
  4. What is LinkedIn ?
    Its big.
    As of August 2010, there are over 75 Million users worldwide, about half of which are in the US.
    But not that big.
    has over 500 Million users. !
    But it is focused on business & careers
  5. Why use ?
    Unemployment is high. Networking is key.
    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  6. Why use ?
    Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that over half of all jobs are found through networking. Up to 80% of executive level jobs are never even posted.
    Effective networking requires preparation. The best time to prepare is while you are still employed.
  7. Why use LinkedIn ?
    Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    Of the U.S. recruiters and HR professionals surveyed, 75% report that their companies have formal policies in place that require hiring personnel to research applicants online.
    79% actually do it.
    Of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals surveyed, 70% say they have rejected candidates based on information they found online.
    85% say that positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions at least to some extent. Nearly half say that a strong online reputation influences their decisions to a great extent.
    Source: Online Reputation Research Study commissioned by Microsoft in Dec. 09 (
  8. The LinkedIn Tour
    Without logging in, there is not much to do
    You can search.. but the results are hidden behind the login
    Other tools are hidden in the footer of the page but are much more useful after logging in Homepage
  9. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
    Step 1: Name & Email
    Use a non-work email address. This will ensure that the primary email on the account is always yours. You can & should add your work email later.
  10. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
    Step 2: Basic Professional Profile
    Options change depending onemployment
    A business owner
    Looking for work
    Working independently
    A student
  11. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
    Steps 3-6: Find Initial Connections
    Skip it. Why connect before you have set up your profile?
  12. Creating a LinkedIn Profile
    Thats it! You are on LinkedIn.
    The basic profile is really sparse Before doing any connecting, fill it out as much as you can!
  13. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Start by editing the basic profile section
    LinkedIn helps you fill your profile out by giving you tips & the option to upload your resume.
  14. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Keep your Display Name your full name you WANT people to find you.
    By default your headline is your job title expand it into something more descriptive of what you are. You have 120 Characters!
    Your Zip Code determines what area your profile says you are from choose one that makes sense.
    Tip! Avoid titles like guru or expert especially if you are looking for work.
  15. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Now its time to add a photo!
    You will be easier to connect to
    Your connections will see your face in their stream you will be more memorable
    Choose a photo that best represents you professionally.. This is not Facebook.. and really not MySpace
    No pictures of you as a baby, no self-shots in the mirror, etc
    A headshot is best LinkedIn has a tool that lets you crop an image easily
    Light background is preferred
    You can choose who gets to see your photo
    My Connections people who are directly connected to you
    My Network people who are connected to those connected to you
    Everyone everyone! (Best option if you want to be found)
  16. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Fill out your current & past positions
    You can have more than one current position
    Start with the current position you already entered
    Note you can import your resume and have this filled out, but I prefer the manual approach
    This is just like filling out a resume your title is not enough. Fill out the description with real tangible information on what you do / have done.
    Helps your network understand your role
    Shows recruiters & HR managers more detail on your background
    Makes you more visible in the search results
    Fill this out for all past positions that are relevant to your goals
    Again, just like a resume, you wouldnt necessarily include everything
    Fill out as much detail as you can initially but you can always come back & edit/add more.
  17. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Add your Education History
    You can add multiple schools/degrees
    Degree & Field of Study are flexible make sure you take advantage of that
    Fill out the activities & notes to highlight accomplishments and associations
  18. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Clicking Add Websites Brings up the Additional Information form fill it all out if you can!
    You have 3 websites you can add. Take advantage of as many as makes sense - at the very least your companys site.
    Fill out your interests as it relates to your career. Use as descriptive terminology as you can.
    Fill out the Groups and Associations section & Honors and Awards if you possibly can.
    Tip! Choosing Other from the dropdown list will let you customize the text in the link (sadly no SEO benefit)
  19. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    You can add a link to your Twitter account if you would like as long as you dont mind it being associated with you professionally.
    You should absolutely customize your profile URL
    You can include the link in your email signature, on your website, blog or Facebook.
    Improves your ability to be found on Google
    Claim it before someone else does!
    Clicking the Customize your URL link brings up the Public Profile privacy settings>
  20. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Set your Public Profile URL
    LinkedIn will let you know if the address you choose is already taken
    You can only use letters or numbers
    Some people use descriptive terms like LatexVandelay
    The Public Profile Settings control how much of your profile people see.
    This only applies to people with whom you are not connected your connections can see everything.
    The Full View option is recommended the point of having a profile is to be able to be found.
  21. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    The Summary Section = extremely important, especially if you run your own company
    Basically a cover letter for your profile
    Take some time to fill out these sections
    Make sure that it is current with your Goals now. Things change, make sure that this changes with them.
    For Specialties, use terms that you would like to be found by
    Include the acronyms where applicable
    List as many as you can make sure to refresh this list often as well
    Be factual and direct about yourself, but not overly pompous.
    Both of these sections are key in being found via search.
  22. Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
    Personal Information
    Totally up to you
    Contact info is available to your Connections other stuff you can choose who sees it
    Contact Settings
    You can choose to display if you are interested in the items on the left
    Default is all of them
    You can decide if you would like Introductions & InMail (LinkedIn email)
    You can also give people advice on how to contact you
    To add an email account, you have to go to Settings in the top right of the page. Its not in the profile.
  23. Adding LinkedIn Connections
    Connections are the real power of LinkedIn
    Based on the 6 degrees of separation concept - but limited to just 3
    People you connect directly to are your Connections (friends)
    People 2-3 degrees away are your Network
  24. Adding LinkedIn Connections
    1st Degree Connections
    Will be able to view your entire profile, and you will be able to view theirs
    You can send them InMails directly & without limit
    You will be able to see each others connections (unless hidden)
    Their profile updates will show up in your stream
    They can introduce you to others, and others to you
    You can give each other recommendations
    LinkedIn recommends: someone you have worked with, collaborated on projects with or maybe attended school with
    Some people will connect to anyone (LIONs) not usually a great idea. It dilutes the quality of your network.
    My method: People that Ive met, communicated heavily with or worked with that I would like to follow or work with more
  25. Adding LinkedIn Connections
    2nd & 3rd Degree Connections
    They are friends of your friends & friends of the friends of your friends
    You cannot send them direct InMails (unless you pay for the upgraded account)
    They can view your whole profile, assuming you have set each section to be availa