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How my product uses, develops and challenges conventions of genre Digi Pack

How my product uses, develops and challenges conventions of genre Digi PackEvaluation Question 1

The three Digi Packs from the Hip Hop genre which I analysed are pictured below. I analysed the conventions of these images in comparison to the techniques I used in my own.

Sans Serif TextIn the three Digi Packs, sans serif fonts are mostly used. Although Sans Serif fonts are conventional, serif can also be used. I chose to conform to the convention of using Sans Serif font as it is considered the most informal therefore would attracts a C2DE social class or a young target audience. I also believe that the sans serif font is easiest to read.

Sans SerifSans SerifSans SerifSans SerifSans SerifSans SerifSans Serif

Sans Serif Text

On the back of the Digi Pack it was particularly important to use a Sans Serif font because it had small writing on. Such as the copyright information and the track lists.

Due to the small text size, Sans Sarif means that the words are easier to read.

Text ColourConventionally, the colours used on the text vary, from the conventional red, to feminine pink, to classy black. Usually bright to stand out.

On the cover, I conformed to the convention of having brightly coloured text. The album name Lukatar was written in rainbow colours to stand out and fit in with the rest of the Bright colour scheme. Baby B was also written in a hot pink font, contrasting the baby blue background so it stands out and is attention grabbing. The pink is also feminine, which would attract a female target audience.

Text PositioningIn the Hip Hop genre, the album and artist name are generally across the top of the Digi Pack, often large, central to make them noticeable.I challenged this convention, I chose to position Baby Bs name in the top right hand corner, however it was not large nor central.

I chose to challenge this convention because having a large, central name would impede the complex cartoon designs seen on my cover. I believe that these designs (which are very bright) are more attention grabbing than having Baby Bs name large and central. To ensure Baby B was attention grabbing despite not being large and central, I coloured it in a ht pink colour, and gave it a thick black outline. Lukatar was placed at the bottom of the design, however, I still believe it is noticable as I chose to colour it in rainbow colours with a think black outline, put it in capitals and it is also right next to the image of the artist.

Text FeaturesConventionally, other features are used to make the album or artist name stand out more, illuminating colour, a diagonal tilt. I conformed to this convention adding a black outline to the majority of the text on my digi pack, and Lukatar on the cover is skewed, and gets gradually smaller to make it look like its written on the road/floor behind Baby B. This complements the rest of the design making it a striking feature, and looks similar to the diagonal tilt used on Nicki Minajs Anaconda.

GraffitiAn unconventional text type I chose to include was graffiti. I chose to include graffiti as I believe that it represents the urban and low social class which I am aiming my product at. They would be able to relate to this text type so would be more likely to buy the product. Furthermore, it fits with my narrative of the music video, with Baby B originating from an urban background, therefore adds continuity between the digi pack and video.

Sports WearOn Digi packs in the Hip Hop genre, sports wear is seen often. I conformed to this convention and included sports wear. I believe that sports wears connotations of power and prowess match Hip Hops ideologies, and my artists attitude (particularly at the start and end of the music video).Sports wear is often brightly coloured, and the red backet ball top matches the bright colour scheme in my digi pack.In the image of my artist street dancing I believe the sports wear reinforces the

Revealing OutfitsOutfits may be revealing or sexual, conforming to the male gaze theory and Hip-Hops convention to sexualise women. I chose to challenge this convention. Sexualised outfits are not seen in my music video, so including them on my digi pack would be damaging to the house style I am creating. Furthermore, I believe outfits with connotations of wealth better represent ideologies in female Hip Hop of power and money, and sports gear is better at targeting an urban audience. A female target audience are unlikely to wish to buy an album because there is a sexualised female, had I been aiming it at a male audience, I probably would have used sexualised outfits to link back to Mulveys male gaze theory.

CostumeOutfits are often striking to make the digi pack stand out and be noticeable. I conformed to this convention. For example the sunglasses on the cover are a noticable accessory like Lady Leshurs red cap. And on the disk Baby Bs top is red, an attention grabbing colour, like Lady Leshurs red cap.

Costume ConnotationsOutfits may represent wealth e.g. a fur coat. I used this convention as my artist is seen wearing a fur waistcoat which connotes value and wealth, and also sunglasses which are the stereotypical celebrity dress. These portray her as desirable, confident and powerful, conventional representations in Hip Hop, and link to the narrative of my music video for continuity.

AnglesThe conventional angle to use is a Low angle to represent status and power. Making the artist seem influential and important. I chose to use a low angle in one of my images for the same reasons.

FramingsConventional framings are Medium Long Shots which means we feel close to the artist, and the artist is recognisable, without taking up too much of the cover leaving room for text etc. and still allowing mise en scene e.g. costume, to be seen and appreciated. I used medium close ups e.g. on the cover. It meant that the artist was large enough to be dominant, but the framing allowed for the phone / pose to still be seen.

FramingsOr a long shot which allows for body parts e.g. the legs, to be seen and appreciated. Conforming to Mulveys male gaze theory. I chose to use a long shot in this image so that Baby Bs whole stance could be seen, as I believe the crouch is casual this will attract a low social class audience and also reflects the confident, laid back representation of Baby B which I have used throughout my three products.

FramingsI used the unconventional framing of a medium long shot, this meant that the image took up less room on the back cover (as the image was slimmer) to make room for the track list, and made it obvious that she was dancing, as her body shape can be seen in the medium long shot.

Colour SchemeThere are three colour schemes which are seen in female Hip-Hop. Dark and red, Bright and Girly and Monochrome. This variation is not seen in make Hip hop which is typically dark and red colours. I chose to use a bright colour scheme, I believe this is exciting, fresh and attention grabbing and would also appeal to a young and female target audience. It reflects my vibrant video with many colour changes and props, and the exciting but dramatic lives lived by celebrities.

Location/BackgroundThe location or background used varies in real hip-hop Digi packs. It is usually an urban background or a white background. I chose to challenge this convention by having a background of cartoon images and patterns on my cover. I believe this is effective as cartoon will attract a young target audience. The variety of objects and patterns incorporated into the design make a hectic product, reflecting the busy and complicated lives lived by celebrities (an ideology in my products). The childlike patterns e.g polka dot and stripes, and bright colours will attract a young target audience.

Location/BackgroundI used an unconventional bright pink background as I believed it would attract my target female audience, the bright green background on the track list is also unconventional, but I believe it is attention grabbing making the lists stand out, and the jagged shape with many angles conforms to the rough feel of hip hop.

Location/BackgroundThe cartoon images incorporated into the design all link to fame e.g. the spotlight, money, star, newspaper and many of them conform to Hip-Hops tendency to explore taboo subjects. E.g. the wine, cocktail, syringe and marijuana leaves. The headphones are a characteristic of Hip Hop. Therefore despite being unconventional, I believe this cartoon design for the background of my Digi Pack is very effective.

CartoonHaving cartoon images on digi packs is unconventional in the Hip Hop genre. However, I chose to include all cartoon images, including the images of the artist. I believe that despite being unconventional, this is effective as it will attract a young target audience who may liken it to comics or cartoons on TV from their youth. I also believe that it partially mimics graffiti and street art, which would attract an urban audience. Cartoon being unusual in the genre will mean that amongst other albums e.g. on a shelf, Baby Bs will stand out.

Themes In my opinion, the majority of Digi packs in the genre have no real themes. They seem to be style over substance. My digi pack challenges this convention, it has integrated themes of fame, drug use, alcohol and wealth. I think this makes my Digi Pack far more interesting than the majority in the genre.

PosesHaving an artist taking a selfie on the cover of a digi pack is unconventional, so in using this image I have challenged the conventions of Hip Hop. However, I believe it is effective as my young target audience will relate to the social media / technology reference. I also believe it portrays Baby B as being concerned with her appearance (linking to the narrative of the video) but also confident and self assured, which are desirable traits.

PosesOn the back of the Digi Pack I included an action shot of the artist street dancing. Action shots are conventional in Hip Hop (Beyonces album contains images of her walking). I think my particular use of this convention is successful as it makes the digi pack visually exciting. Street dance is seen in the music video, adding continuity between the products. Street dance will also attract an urban audience, and connotes confidence aiding the powerful representation I wished to achieve. The unusual stance makes the image striking and attention grabbing making the back of my Digi Pack stand out.

PosesThis is an action shot of the artist rapping, again similar to a shot on Lady Leshurs album (on the cover). You can see her muscly arms which combined with the sporting attire portrays power and prowess. This confident and powerful pose suits the Hip Hop genre very well.

Flower MotifThe flower motif I used on my digi pack is unconventional in Hip Hop. Usually such girly designs are not used however, I believe that it adds to the light hearted tone of the pack, complementing the cartoon designs. It will also help to attract a young, female target audience.

PropsAfter looking at the Digi packs in the genre, I have realised that it is conventional for no props to be present on the digi pack. I chose to challenge this convention and used an iPhone as a prop on the cover of the Digi Pack. This complements my artists pose of taking a selfie. Furthermore, it will attract a young target audience who will be able to relate to the prop which is a piece of modern technology.

MoneyMoney as a prop is conventional in Hip Hop videos but seen less on Digi Packs. I chose to use it as both a background and a prop. I think in this image she looks as though she is flaunting her wealth by the way she is fanning herself with the money, her serious facial expression supporting this. The money in the background confirms that her life is dictated by wealth (a conventional theme in Hip Hop).