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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>I firstly changed the saturation of the image to bring out the colours and make everything a lot bolder which is more eye-catching for the audience. </p> <p>I then cropped down the image to make it landscape using the crop tool. </p> <p>I changed the levels of white and black to bring out the black and make it look clearer, this made the image stand out a lot. </p> <p>I began adding the text to decide how I would place it, I found it very easy with this image and quickly chose where I liked the text, however the text didnt stand out very well yet. Later I used the gradient tool to add a soft black behind it to help it stand out more. </p> <p>After I quickly changed the levels of white, black, saturation and cropped down the image I began to add text, I wasnt too sure where I should place everything. </p> <p>I added more text but still wasnt happy with how it looked. </p> <p>I then cropped the image to make it portrait and it worked much better. </p> <p>I added more text and the logo at the bottom and later put down some black with the gradient tool to make the green text stand out more in the advertisement. </p> <p>This image is also landscape, I like the room I had left in the photo to but text into, this helped me a lot when I was thinking about where I could place my images and text. </p> <p>I added more text including the logo and also used the gradient tool, it made the charitys name stand out very well. </p>