It's not too late! Optimize your Google Shopping campaigns in time for the Holidays

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Thursday, November 10, 2016 1:00 EST (10:00 PST)

Speakers:Kirk Williams, Owner, ZATO MarketingAndreas Reiffen,CEO,CrealyticsIts Not Too Late! Maximize Your Google Shopping in Time for the Holidays


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Kirk WilliamsOwner (and minion), ZATO Marketing@PPCKirkAndreas ReiffenCEO, Crealytics@AndreasReiffen

Todays Presenters


Topics, well cover today Google Shopping: Why you should care

How to segment Google Shopping campaigns to capture high quality shoppers

Speak your customers language and write more compelling product titles

Why you cant win in Google Shopping when you fail in pricing

What image testing could add to your Google Shopping campaigns


My entire screen on a 13 Macbook

Crealytics: Shopping = 56% Spend Share

Merkle: Shopping = 46% Click Share

hot snot, look at that trend!

A look at the future of Ecom SERPs

But how is Shopping growing like this?

For starters, people just like clicking them.



Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor


Andy Taylor


July 2015 Micro-Moments in Shopping (i.e., mobile)

August-ish 2015 BIG retailers showing more PLAs

September 2015 YouTube Shopping Ads (Search Partners)

September 2015 YouTube Shopping Ads (Search Partners)

September 2015 Massively Large Shopping Ads on Mobile

December 2015 Shopping Ads in Image Search

Heck, what else can we monetize?

- Google Boardroom Convo

March 2016 PLA Imp Up 174% YOY

But also, Google has invested heavily in Shopping changes

April 2016, New GMC Feed Rules

May 2016, GTINs Required

Keeping up with the Joneses Amazon.

July 2016, Showcase Shopping Ads

August 2016, YUUUGE GMC Overhaul

Finally... PLA placement matters!Shopping in its infancy

circa 2013

PLA placement mattersShopping as 2016 ends

and a variant...

PLA placement matters

So, whatever you may think about SERPs...

Google Shopping campaign segmentation


Different intents disrupt bidding by product

[designer + product name][designer + category]2.5x1.4xbase CR[category]Typical differentials:

[nike + mercurial][shoes][nike + shoes]Example:$1.00


B Nike Mercurial Superfly

Soccer Shoes

Different intents, but identical product bidCompare conversion rates by specificity



B Nike Mercurial Superfly

Soccer Shoes

Designer queriesGenericqueries



Bid higher for the best performing queriesSegment your shopping campaigns by specificity of search queries.

Use campaign priorities and negatives to allocate traffic.

Bid higher for your best queries.Segment traffic by designers vs genericsHow to game AdWords


Semantic segmentation drives performanceWe kept sales stable and decreased CPO by 27%

Week 1Week 2Week 3-27%

testcontrolSegmentation allows us to set bids beyond product averages.

Queries with a high conversion probability get more exposure.

We save money on low quality queries.CPO ($) on campaigns split up by specificity vs normalExplanation


Use negatives to segment your campaigns and to control where search queries are assigned toGenericsDesignersDesigner + Product name

highmediumlowDesigner namesProduct namesProduct namesn/aCampaignsNegativesPriorities


Campaign priority itself has no impactPriorities allow you to direct traffic to specific campaignsWe scheduled campaigns to run intermittently throughout the day.

Only a single campaign was running.

We set different priorities.

MediumLowHighClicksTraffic per campaign settingTest method


Impressions (in k) before / afterKey insightsCPCs are difficult to control and vary without segmentation

bid = 1.505. = 0.501.3

generic termsdesigner termsdesigner only termCPC0.220.090.400.850.630.25We tested a designer-only term which is stable in impressions.

CPC for the same queries increased by +186%.

Spike in generic queries affects traffic quality and ROI.


Outcome of raising bids depends on where bid is positioned on the Google Shopping S-curve


Designer-only term

Generics term


+320%Imps+213%CPCShopping query elasticityCPC and imps change


Key take-awaysSegment your Shopping Campaigns by specificity of search queries to get much better results.For the most effective bid management try to identify the tipping point by starting with the highest bid you are willing to afford and then decrease your bids gradually.Constantly monitor CPCs and search query impressions to find out where the cliff is.

Segment by specificityConstant monitoringS-curve bidding

#Product title optimization

#Optimizing product titles by including top-performing search queries

Do search query impressions related toparty dresses increase?Lipsy Lace Panel Body-Conscious Dress NavyTitle afterTitle beforeParty Dresses Navy Blue Lipsy Lace Panel Body-Conscious


Party dresses query volume increased

title changed18,971419original22,138

on other productson productParty dresses query volume before and after title change Key insightsTitle modification allows you to direct traffic to specific products.

Adding search queries to titles improves the overall traffic.

#Specifics about the Google algorithm to keep in mind for title modificationThe first wordsSynonymsThe word orderWords at the beginning of a title are considered more importantIf people search for green shoes, your title should ideally contain these two words in the same order (instead of shoes green)If a dress could be called party dress or evening dress, make sure that you dont use the same term across this product category.

#Speak your customers language and make your titles similar to what they search

ProductDynamic titleinspired by real search queriesRule-based title

Columbia Down Jacket Black

Columbia Down Jacket Dusty Purple

Black Down Coat Columbia

Columbia Jacket Purple, Down, Feather Fill

columbia jacket


We use thousands of data points from different sources to come up with the optimal title Optimized product titlesData sourceOutcomeUsed dataAdWords AccountsSearch query performanceProduct performance

Merchant CenterProduct details(produdct ID, brand, title, taxonomy, color, size, gender, price, URLs, ...)

Semantic Database(or a human brain)Similarity of attributes(brands, categories, colors, gender, material)

#The result including performance uplift are displayed in the camato user interface

#Identify important keywords which are missing completely in product titles1-gramswomen (1,618,221)mens (1,415,367)outerwear (68,645)ugly (1,415,367)gifts (34,851)pregnancy (23,035)hoodies (21,959)onesies (21,876)sale (19,899)discount (16,458)dressy (13,454)

3-grams2-gramsManually add the n-grams to the right products Shown data are impressions (last 30 days)jewelry shoes (708,111)women dresses (690,700)athletic shoes (415,769)women's sneakers (218,281)maternity clothes (34,851)timberland boots (171,002)mens clothing (129,003)women jeans (79,965)camel coat (46,703)party dresses (41,059)second hand (684)

masquerade ball gowns (149,619)plus size clothing (130,983)thigh high boots (93,429)wedding guest dresses (34,119)overalls for men (32,109)casual white dresses (28,235)plus size lingerie (27,739)white maternity dress (27,240)lace up flats (24,606)used evening gowns (458)cheap shoes for (284)

#Google Shopping & competitive pricing


Impressions and clicks in Google Shopping are often very sensitive to price changes

+5%Price in $ClicksProduct priceClicks

Time in daysClicks drop off after product price increaseChart InfoGoogle product category: Apparel & Accessories > Shoes > Sneakers


5% price increase coincides with a 60% decrease in clicks

#We compared cheap vs. expensive products and used a test setup to guarantee meaningful resultsWe compared:

cheap products (below avg. price)

with expensive products (above avg. price)At least six competitors

Available at all times

Similar products (all sneakers)

Products were excluded from normal shopping activity

Results were not influenced by regular bidding activities



For all products we often see S-shaped curves, but cheap products generate traffic much earlier

Max CPCImpressions per product5/16/165/12/165/14/165/11/165/13/165/17/165/15/16

cheap productsMa