Mobile app benchmark: The UK’s top mobile shopping apps

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    INTRODUCTIONRankings and trends in the UK ecommerce app market

    According to eMarketers latest forecast*, UK retail ecommerce sales are set to exceed 67 billion in 2016, fuelled by some impressive growth in smartphone-based buying. The UK is a world leader in terms of retail ecommerces share of total retail sales, and by 2020 digital retail sales will represent a 22.6% share.

    In 2016, total mcommerce sales will account for 25.2 billion, an increase of more than 25% on the previous year. UK retail mcommerce sales will continue to exhibit double-digit growth throughout the forecast period, and by 2020 mcommerce sales are expected to exceed 42.5 billion.

    AT Internet, a global leader in digital analytics, has partnered with Decode Apps, a specialist in app benchmarking and monitoring, in order to create a series of reports providing unique insights and key stats about market trends per business vertical.

    For this report, weve benchmarked 810 applications published by major ecommerce groups in the United Kingdom for the two predominant operating systems (iOS, Android) in October 2016.


    The Mobile & Multi-device R&D project has been co-financed in part by the European Union with funds from the ERDF, and in part by the Region of Aquitaine

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    TOP 10 UK SHOPPING APPS IN GOOGLE PLAYRanking by store rank (UK - 24 October 2016)

    Top free apps Min. number of ratings: 1000

    Worldwide ratings

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    TOP 10 UK SHOPPING APPS IN THE APP STORERanking by store rank (UK - 24 October 2016)

    Top free apps Min. number of ratings: 1000

    UK ratings

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    TOP 10 IN TERMS OF RANKGroupon stands out in Google Plays Shopping category

    Amazon Shopping is the #1 mobile application in Google Plays Shopping category in the United Kingdom. In the App Store, eBays application took the #1 spot in October 2016, ahead of Amazons app.

    Mobile apps for classifieds ads, and especially mobile apps for online deals and discounts, are heavily used in the United Kingdom. The British would seem to be particularly fond of great deals.

    A summary of the top 10 Android apps ranked in the stores Shopping category in October 2016: Groupon scored the best DA score (Decode Apps score), with16.9/20 Groupon and Wish received the best ratings (4.5/5) among this top 10 list AliExpress saw the greatest increase in number of ratings, with 17% growth Groupon received the best AppNPS, with +60%

    A summary of the top 10 iOS apps ranked in the stores Shopping category: ASOS scored the best DA score (Decode Apps score), with 16.9/20 ASOS received the best rating among this top 10 list with 5/5, the best rating possible Shpock saw the greatest increase in number of ratings, with 6.5% growth ASOS received the best AppNPS, with +83%

    App insights focus >> Groupon, the mobile app for local deals and promotions, received the best DA score, rating and AppNPS on Android in October 2016.

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    APP INSIGHTS: FOCUS ON GROUPONThe world leader in group buying

    Groupon offers unbeatably good deals, with discounts of 50% to 70% on things to do, see, eat, or buy, in more than 500 cities worldwide.

    The Groupon mobile app was a clear winner in the Internet Retailer 2016 Mobile 500 report, which ranks the worlds largest mobile commerce players. Out of 151,562 comments on Android and 220,473 ratings analysed on iOS, Groupon achieved a score of 83 out of 100 in sentiment analysis in August 2016.


    Product page: users can re-quest a new deal from a bu-siness. Tablet version makes it easier for retailers to track campaigns and their interactions with potential customers.

    Features that facilitate the creation of customisable offerings that highlight the retailer.

    Check Groupon first and find the best deals

    Plan for yourperfect getaway

    Shop thousands of products and save big

    Discover your local experiences nearby

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    TOP 10 UK SHOPPING APPS IN GOOGLE PLAYRanking by change in number of ratings, in % (UK - 24 October 2016)

    Top free apps Min. number of ratings: 1000

    Max. ranking: 50 Worldwide ratings

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    TOP 10 UK SHOPPING APPS IN THE APP STORERanking by change in number of ratings, in % (UK - 24 October 2016)

    Min. number of ratings: 1000Max. ranking: 50

    UK ratings

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    TOP 10 IN TERMS OF CHANGE IN NUMBER OF RATINGSASOS has played its cards right in the App Store

    On Android, the Marks & Spencer mobile app saw the highest rate of change in terms of number of ratings worldwide among the top 50 Shopping apps in the Google Play store in the UK.

    A summary of the top 10 Android Shopping apps in October 2016: The greatest change in number of ratings worldwide: Marks & Spencer and AliExpress, with 17% growth. The Amazon Shopping app achieved the best DA score (Decode Apps score), with 16.3/20 The best AppNPS goes to Barcode Scanner Pro, with +67% ASOS achieved the best average rating, with 4.6/5

    On iOS, the mobile app with the greatest rate of change in number of ratings among the top 50 Shopping apps in the iOS App Store for the UK is the one from department store chain John Lewis.

    A summary of the top 10 iOS Shopping apps in October 2016: The greatest change in number of ratings: John Lewis mobile app, with +8% The best DA score (Decode Apps score): ASOS, with 16.9/20 The best AppNPS: ASOS, with +83% ASOS is the top-rated app, with 5/5

    App insights focus >> ASOS, the best-rated app on both iOS and Android, which also boasts the best DA score and AppNPS in the App Store.

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    APP INSIGHTS: FOCUS ON ASOSASOS, a highly innovative shopping app

    Launched in 2000, ASOS is the UKs largest independent online shop dedicated to fashion and beauty. ASOS offers more than 850 brands, as well as a range of ready-to-wear collections under its own brand for both men and women, with delivery to more than 242 countries.

    The groups shopping app is available for smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch. It offers a number of interesting innovations to incite users to buy


    Items in users carts are saved and synchronised across all devices used

    Card scanner

    Sale alerts

    Users may share favourite items with friends

    ASOS Catwalk: a video of a catwalk model wearing the selected item

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    METHODOLOGYTracking methods and explanation of main analysis indicators

  • 12

    SOURCE OF BENCHMARK DATADecode Apps monitors the app market worldwide




    810Shopping apps

    in the UK

    Scope = Shopping category in the stores

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    KEY INDICATORS ON TREND REPORTSPresentation of main data and analysis metrics

    App Name



    Evol ratings (value)

    Evol ratings (%)

    Apps NPS

    Nb of ratings

    OS Group Type

    App ranking, based on the

    selected criteria

    App name and publisher name data is retrieved from app stores

    Cross-store unification with our meta-app-name procedure

    Cross-OS aggregation of apps into Groups of companies, and granular functional segmenta-tion by Type, done by our consultants

    Evolution of ratings (value) = number of ratings obtained over 1 month

    Evolution of ratings (%) = growth rate of number of ratings obtained over 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months

    App NPS = Net Promoter Score applied to apps

    Average rating and total number of ratings obtained by the app worldwide, or by country

    #1 country of distribution


    A proprietary scoring algorithm combining nu-merous KPIs, including:

    Number of ratings, average ratings, growth trends in terms of value and % around the world

    Ranking of apps in stores

    App NPS (App Net Promoter Score)

    Plus update rate, user sentiment score

    Rankda score

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    OUR APP ANALYTICS SERVICESDiscover our all-in-one offering

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    ALL IN ONE Manage performance of all your apps in a single dashboard

    Store data In-app analytics Benchmarking App Store Optimisation (ASO) Top app trends by country and OS Track competitors apps worldwide

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    (ratings and reviews) & competitive positioning User sentiment analysis (available in beta) Mobile multi-KPIs

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    across more than 60 countries

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