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OSHwiki has been developed by EU-OSHA, to enable the sharing of occupational safety and health (OSH) knowledge, information and best practices, in order to support government, industry and employee organisations in ensuring safety and health at the workplace. OSHwiki aims to be an authoritative source of information that is easily updated, edited or translated and reaches beyond the OSH community.

Text of OSH wiki connecting the OSH community

  • 1. Safety and health at work is everyones concern. Its good for you. Its good for business. OSHwiki Connecting the occupational safety and health community
  • 2. 2 www.oshwiki.eu What is OSHwiki?
  • 3. 3 www.oshwiki.eu What is OSHwiki? A dynamic online web platform of OSH knowledge A new way of networking with the global OSH community A one-stop shop for OSH content
  • 4. 4 www.oshwiki.eu What is OSHwiki? So far Nearly 300 articles on OSH topics including: - OSH management and organisation - Ergonomics - Psychosocial issues - Groups at risk Contributors include: - National organisations for occupational health - Leading research institutes
  • 5. 5 www.oshwiki.eu Why OSHwiki?
  • 6. 6 www.oshwiki.eu Why OSHwiki? Provides an authoritative source of up-to-date and in-depth information on OSH topics Promotes the role of the OSH community in building safe working environments Plays a key role in EU-OSHAs strategy to make Europe a safer, healthier and more productive place to work
  • 7. 7 www.oshwiki.eu What can I do on OSHwiki?
  • 8. 8 www.oshwiki.eu Discover! Discover a free source of OSH knowledge written by OSH professionals
  • 9. 9 www.oshwiki.eu Create! Create new content on OSH topics that interest you & share your knowledge
  • 10. 10 www.oshwiki.eu Collaborate! Collaborate with the OSH community by editing OSHwiki articles
  • 11. 11 www.oshwiki.eu Share! Share OSHwiki articles within your organisation and peer network via the sharing tools
  • 12. 12 www.oshwiki.eu OSHwiki needs authors to grow. Join the OSHwiki community!
  • 13. 13 www.oshwiki.eu Do you belong to a recognised professional or scientific OSH organisation?
  • 14. 14 www.oshwiki.eu You can Sign up as an author Recommend it to your partners
  • 15. 15 www.oshwiki.eu How can I benefit from joining the OSHwiki community?
  • 16. 16 www.oshwiki.eu Knowledge development Be involved in knowledge development by contributing to articles Help raise professional OSH standards for the benefit of everyone
  • 17. 17 www.oshwiki.eu Professional recognition Share your knowledge on certain OSH topics Gain recognition in the global OSH community
  • 18. 18 www.oshwiki.eu Peer networking Connect with co-authors Debate and collaborate on content with the OSHwiki community
  • 19. 19 www.oshwiki.eu Work synergies Link your OSHwiki contributions with your organisations other activities Re-use your OSHwiki content for other purposes
  • 20. 20 www.oshwiki.eu International reach OSHwiki is a global OSH community Works in all languages
  • 21. 21 www.oshwiki.eu Do you want to join? Contact info@oshwiki.eu to register as an author
  • 22. 22 www.oshwiki.eu For more information 25 August 15:30 EU-OSHA stand Dr Christa Sedlatschek launches OSHwiki www.oshwiki.eu