Pac 12 SwiftStack SXSW Presentation Final

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SXSW presentation for SwiftStack and Pac-12 Networks

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  • 1. SXSW Interactive 2014 Submission featuring: Meet the MVP of NCAA IT
  • 2. #SportsNation: The inside look at NCAA Conferences Its a brave new world in which NCAA conferences are running entire media empires. Most major plays are not executed on the field, but behind the screen. How does just one conference alone deliver 850 sporting events per year without skipping a beat or missing out on a potential advertising dollar? Andrew Luck, QB for the Indianapolis Colts, started his All-American career at the Pac-12s Stanford University
  • 3. Whats the key to your couch potato sports consumption?! The answer lies in deeply distributed nationwide servers, and the invaluable petabytes of content (videos, stats, graphics) being scaled, accessed and managed instantly thanks to a new vision for digital- media infrastructure. No, we mean a different kind of server...
  • 4. Wait a second Can someone please explain this? And get me a beer
  • 5. The Play-by-Play The Situation: Hosting 850 sporting events a year is a whole lot of content! How do you deliver these games to consumers, live and archived on your site, in an efficient manner? El Problemo: To deliver this content uninterrupted requires a superstar storage software system and an efficient workflow so that servers can deliver YOU the content you want, when you want it and with no lag time. If you cant make this happen, why would anyone stay on your site? The Fix: A scalable storage solution that doesnt slow down or freak out with added content, but instead adapts to your growing content needs and delivers your game on time, every time.
  • 6. Lets introduce the all-star roster...
  • 7. MVP, Speaker: Scott Adametz Director of System Architecture & Technology, Pac-12 Networks Emmy-nominated! Worked at Big Ten Conference developing workflows for several broadcast networks Helped FOX launch the Big Ten Network, a national cable sports network dedicated to Big Ten athletics Joined Pac-12 and helped launched seven networks (six regional, one national) of college athletic programming! Delivered record-breaking, uninterrupted content to sports enthusiasts all over the country
  • 8. MVP, Speaker: Joe Arnold Open-Source Storage Expert Co-founder and CEO of SwiftStack, a leading cloud storage company To deliver 850 sporting events a year without interruption, you need reliable storage software SwiftStack and Pac-12 Networks together are reimagining the behind-the-field action of media streaming and digital content, not just for college athletics but for the future of all live, digital content
  • 9. The Grand Slam Scott + Joe will explain the Pac-12 Networks ability to bring you your favorite sporting events live, uninterrupted and at-scale Epic moments like the 1982 Play will be remembered and enjoyed on a multitude of channels Behind-the-scenes infrastructure is enabling you to watch your favorite team live without missing any crucial plays Now, the plays on YOU. Go vote.