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<p>School Magazine Front Cover</p> <p>School Magazine Front CoverSamantha Collier</p> <p>Firstly, I opened one of the images I took into Photoshop. I changed the curves and contrast to make the image feel warmer overall. Then, I reversed the image as I felt it made the composition stronger, although there where some scars on the image from the editing, that I would avoid in the main task.</p> <p>2</p> <p>vNext, I added my masthead and added my first cover lines and subheadings. I created a new layer of the image to layer it over my masthead, following examples of many other school magazines. It also avoided putting text over my main image. </p> <p>I then added some more cover lines and subheadings, following my chosen colour scheme of black and purple. Moreover, I then added a barcode, and used the buzzword of plus. I also added an issue number, date and price on release. </p> <p>I added my main cover line in a unique font, and then added a puff for the plus section. I also added a subheading to the main cover line. </p> <p>To finish I enlarged my image to make sure that it was a medium long shot, and met the requirements. This version is better as there is less in the background to distract any viewers. </p>