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Transcending Data with Marco Petkovski OVERVIEW Data tells us what and interactions tell us why. The classic approach to analytics is to simply observe the data and report the insights, but as analytics becomes a more engrained part of the creative process it also becomes more important to make sense of things that cannot be measured with numbers. Session recording and other tactile tools represent a brave new world for analytics and are challenging us to transcend data and connect designers and developers to user behaviour as it happens. Presented at FITC Toronto 2014 on April 27-29, 2014 More info at


  • 1.@marcopetkovski Hi, Im Marco

2. @marcopetkovski Teehan + Lax 3. @marcopetkovski Angel Analytics 4. @marcopetkovski 5. @marcopetkovski 6. @marcopetkovski 7. @marcopetkovski 8. @marcopetkovski 9. @marcopetkovski 10. @marcopetkovski 11. @marcopetkovski 12. @marcopetkovski 13. @marcopetkovski 14. @marcopetkovski not the way weve done things 15. @marcopetkovski 16. @marcopetkovski If it aint broke dont fix it 17. @marcopetkovski 18. @marcopetkovski 19. @marcopetkovski 20. @marcopetkovski 21. @marcopetkovski 22. @marcopetkovski Its ok to fail 23. @marcopetkovski 2 things can happen you will discover that what you assumed works or doesnt work 24. @marcopetkovski Big deal. 25. @marcopetkovski 26. @marcopetkovski now that were fearless lets talk about tools 27. @marcopetkovski 28. @marcopetkovski 29. @marcopetkovski 30. @marcopetkovski 31. @marcopetkovski 32. @marcopetkovski 33. @marcopetkovski 34. @marcopetkovski 35. @marcopetkovski 36. @marcopetkovski 37. @marcopetkovski which ones do I use? 38. @marcopetkovski Why does this exist? 39. @marcopetkovski 40. @marcopetkovski 41. @marcopetkovski Data is not as objective as it seems Instinct is not as subjective as it seems 42. @marcopetkovski Design with instinct Optimize with data 43. @marcopetkovski We are all flawed and thats ok 44. @marcopetkovski 45. @marcopetkovski 46. @marcopetkovski 47. @marcopetkovski Get serious about measuring success Adopt an analyst today