4 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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  1. 1. 4 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
  2. 2. Finally, after several years of building up your love story, you and your partner have decided totie the knot. Well, you are probably busy with all the wedding preparations but remember thataside from the things for the big day itself, you also need to consider the pre-weddingessentialsbridal shower/stag party, entourage selection, pre-wedding photography, as well asthe wedding rehearsal dinner. Besides, if you want the most special day of your life to be assmooth sailing as possible, adequate planning is indispensable.During your wedding, you will surely have a lot of guests and the best way to meet everyone isthrough a rehearsal dinner. Being at least acquainted with the visitors from both sides canprevent you from raising an eyebrow because you are clueless of who the people are in yourwedding photos.How can you spice up your rehearsal dinner? A good idea is to keep it casual to make the guestsfeel comfortable and relaxed. Here are some fun ideas that you can use:Buffet Set-upSometimes, steering clear from all the fancy stuff is the way to go. You can hold your rehearsaldinner in your home and have food catered or launch a potluck party instead. Arrange plates onthe table and allow the guests to serve themselves and they can sit wherever they want. Thisstyle can create a chill out atmosphere, making everyone feel at ease. You can even inviteyour Perth wedding photographers for them to familiarize the subjects of their snapshots.Barbecue PartyIf your wedding is going to be strictly formal, then a laid-back rehearsal dinner is a great idea toadd variation to the occasion. Now, what can be more casual than a barbecue party? Serve upscrumptious burgers and hotdogs and just allow everyone to nonchalantly mingle with eachother. And for the favors, you can give out jars of your moms famous jam or barbecue sauce.Oriental FusionGoing for an Asian theme can be very interesting. Rent a Chinese restaurant and have itadorned with lanterns, parasols and unique flowers such as lotus blossoms and orchids. For themenu, include sushi, dumplings, soups, and spring rolls. And to add more fun to the event,make guests eat with chopsticks!Glimpse of Your HoneymoonIf youre going somewhere for your honeymoon, you can try a destination theme for yourrehearsal. Say, you are going to Hawaii, so you can set up a luau. Offer pina coladas, fruits,kebabs and don leis to complete the Hawaiian theme.1|P ag e
  3. 3. Now, remember that the things before the wedding are as important as the wedding day itself.So, after accomplishing everything, including your pre-wedding photography in Perth orelsewhere, plan your rehearsal dinner and give guests a night to remember.2|P ag e