5 Ways to Integrate Accordion Doors

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5 Ways to Integrate Accordian Doors

5 Ways to Integrate Accordian DoorsAccordion-doors.com1-866-815-8151info@accordion-doors.com

Accordian Doors are HotRight now, high-end home design has created a big market for accordion folding doors.

Theres no limit to how you can use these doors in your own designs

If you are struggling, or just want some inspiration, here are 5 great ideas to keep in mind..

Use accordian doors in place of traditional doorways or doors that lead to your bedroom. Its functional, and it shows off your high-style tastes!

You can install accordian doors in pantries and mud rooms, too!

That way, youre saving the hassle of traditional doors and providing easier access to the space

Not sure how much of an open floor plan you want?Use accordion folding doors in wide doorways to create flexible space options in the home.

Bothersome bathroom door?Half baths and poorly located bathrooms can benefit from stylish accordion door installations!

Need to turn one conference room into more?Use accordian doors to divide space, soundproof, and more!