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Seven Design Avenue has been developing websites since 1999. We specialize in helping small-to-medium sized businesses, organizations and individuals establish an Internet presence effectively and affordably. Seven Design Avenue develops web sites with an emphasis on attractive, simple graphics, worthwhile content, cross-browser reliability, quick loading designs free from excessive gadgets and clutter. We strive to provide the highest quality service regardless of cost. From small brochure sites to large e-commerce projects, we are dedicated to being the best at what we do and equally dedicated to providing our services at an affordable price. You dont have to sacrifice quality for cost. At Seven Design Avenue we offer affordable website design for small businesses. We offer fresh web design ideas. We create custom, compelling website designs that deliver the digital solutions you demand. Visit our website design portfolio. It speaks for itself. Our website design services range from a simple web design for small businesses, to eCommerce solutions with dynamic databases for larger businesses. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Its time for your company to have a professional Internet image. Website designs with an emphasis on attractive, simple graphics. Content and not puffery. Cross browser reliability. Quick loading sites. Clean designs free of gadgets and clutter. Clear concise writing In fact, a number of things that are not common enough on the Web.


<p>Company Profile of Access Keys (P) Ltd.</p> <p>Seven Design AvenueAffordable, Visually Compelling, User-Friendly, Search Engine Friendly Websites</p> <p>P.O. Box 195, Waller, TX 774848300 FM 1960 West, No. 450, Houston, TX 77070Phone: (281) 989-6000Email: support@7designavenue.comWebsite: www.7designavenue.com </p> <p>Founded: 1999Business type: IT, Website Design &amp; Development, Website Hosting Major Services: Website design (Mobile, Social Media coming soon)Client coverage: Continental USATeam size: 10 independent contractor programmers and designers, 1 admin staff </p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>WebCMS based informational and eCommerce websitesWebsite hostingLogo designDomain names</p> <p>Services</p> <p>TechnologiesPHP/MySQL Open source CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, MODx, Magento)HTML5</p> <p>Mobile (coming soon)Mobile Friendly website/web systemsMobile Apps (iOS, Android)</p> <p>Services</p> <p>Technologies (coming soon)jQueryMobile Objective CJava</p> <p>Social Media (coming soon)BrandingPromotionAd Campaigns Facebook apps</p> <p>Services</p> <p>Each team member has a minimum of 5 years industry experience10 independent contractor programmers and designers1 - admin staffThis business model works well to help us keep overhead costs down, thereby passing on the savings to our clients.</p> <p>Our Team</p> <p>We create websites for businesses in every industry. We do not specialize in any particular industry.We stress the importance of content is king to our clients, more important than cosmetic beauty and bells and whistles.We encourage our clients to provide their website content. We do not believe you should trust developing the intricate details of your business operation to a third party.</p> <p>Our Experience</p> <p>www.TagHouston.org WordPress platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.Accent-Construction.com WordPress Platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.NCJWHouston.org WordPress platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.WoodArtiste.com eCommerce </p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.marathon-ra.com WordPress platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.PelicanCNC.com eCommerce platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.PerformingArtsSupply.com eCommerce Platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.ofs-portal.com MODx platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.QuestMetrology.com Drupal platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.SentinelIntegrity.com MODx platform</p> <p>www.GuardianEquityCompanies.com WordPress platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.TexasFarmhouseHomes.com WordPress platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.HACBA.org MODx platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>www.TutorDragon.com Drupal platform</p> <p>Portfolio</p> <p>Methodology</p> <p>We work on a fixed cost modelProjects are priced based on requirements, features and size. For all fixed cost projects, a 50% deposit and 50% upon completion is required or take a 10% discount for payment in full.We gather project information and specifications and prepare a PSD/PNG mockup which is reviewed and revised as needed until final approval.Upon final approval of the mockup, the website is coded and all scripts, software, etc. is installed and customized per client specifications.</p> <p>Thank you!</p>