Award Winning Kitchen Remodel

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  1. 1. Working from only a couple of extra floor tiles and the knowledge that the prior owner had previously remodeled the home, the team went on a huge scavenger hunt to track down this rare and beautiful Turkish Travertine tile with Onyx veining. After finally identifying the flooring and the prior vendor used, the team was told that it was no longer available anywhere. The tile had come from a mine in Turkey that had been shut down for religious reasons a couple of years prior. Unwilling to accept defeat the team pressed on, looking for leads on any available remaining tile from the mine. Existing tiles at the home were surgically removed from the floor and placed like puzzle pieces back into the final flooring design, all the while calculating and re- calculating the minimum number of new tiles necessary to forego the contingency plan. Success! The tiles were located, but they had to be shipped from Turkey and were tied up in customs for weeks! Even through the tiles were from the same mine, the team knew that color variations were likely and had to work that into their flooring puzzle as well. Ultimately the puzzle fit together beautifully and provided the foundation for a beautiful kitchen remodel! What if you adored the flooring that ran throughout your home, but you also wanted to take on a major kitchenremodel that was going to disturba significant portionof it?
  2. 2. Before | Angles abound in the original kitchen layout leaving lots of small unusable and awkward spaces.
  3. 3. After | Multiple patterns for traffic flow Water Views
  4. 4. 3D Rendering | Drawer sizes were standardized for easy zone adjustment The team held fake cooking demonstrations to determine best placement for every item in the kitchen.
  5. 5. 3D Rendering | Bar height counter downplays cooking area when entertaining
  6. 6. 3D Rendering | A beautiful kitchen deserved an equally unique pantry. The team crafted a functional piece of art to accent the back wall of the pantry.
  7. 7. Goals: Maximize Lake Travis Views Maximize Pool Views Open the floor plan Create an entertaining space Brighten the Kitchen
  8. 8. Before | Blue tape shows new island placement as angles were eliminated
  9. 9. After |Open floor plan, perfect for entertaining!
  10. 10. A coat closet and a long dark hallway were the focal point upon entering the home. Open space above cabinets did not let much light through. Security system and sound wiring that were in the coat closet had to be re- routed. Before |
  11. 11. After |The eye is drawn through the open space upon entering the home.
  12. 12. Before | Limited counter space to left of sink; Cabinets without doors
  13. 13. After | Pool views are now the focal point for homeowner and guests
  14. 14. Before | No views for guests; Small counter spaces; Bathroom door visible
  15. 15. After |Door (center) accesses garage; bathroom door is now hidden
  16. 16. Before | Dark brown color pallet and cheap cabinets made for a depressing kitchen
  17. 17. After | Accent lights added to display shelves to highlight travel finds.
  18. 18. Before | Cabinet drawers could not open without hitting refrigerator.
  19. 19. After | Large storage drawer below oven keeps entertaining items handy
  20. 20. The large amount of dead space between kitchen and formal dining room was recaptured to create a larger coat/utility closet and spacious walk-in pantry. Before |
  21. 21. After | Unique pantry design offers multiple storage options. Cubbies of varying heights, widths and DEPTHS were specifically measured and built to hold common pantry items. The cantilever design appears as if they are all resting precariously on top of the bottom box in a perfect balancing act. A desk top drop zone was added for ease in unpacking groceries. The top left of the drop zone is a compartment with an inset top accessible from above to leave no space unused. Paint color for the accent walls of the pantry matched the paint from the kitchen countertops and backsplash and grounded the large space without making it feel dark.
  22. 22. After | Formal dining area is easily accessible, but still separate
  23. 23. After | Seamless glass backsplash added elegance and allows the light to bounce around the room. Open shelving was secured to the inside of the cabinet panels so that no hardware would be visible.
  24. 24. After | Seamless backsplash continues and gives waterfall appearance
  25. 25. Thank you for your consideration!