Bathroom design ideas for your toddler

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  • Bathroom Design Ideas for Your ToddlerBathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in the house, so you need to make sure that youdesign them in a way that will last long. This becomes particularly difficult when you are designinga kid's bathroom. You don't want to have to renovate it again in a few years, but also want to offer akid-friendly and fun space for them.

    Designing a kid-friendly bathroom is a big challenge. Color and pattern are great in small doses, buttoo many ideas can run the risk of making the room quickly outgrown. So, hire Los Angelesbathroom remodeling contractor who can help you design the bathroom of your kind withnecessary suggestions to follow later. For infants or younger children, primary and bright colors areinspiring and for grown up or older children, consider more mature color like palettes of neutralsand pastels. Here are 8 great kid-friendly bathroom design ideas that your children will fall in lovewith.

    Create a colorful backdrop : While most plumbing fixtures stay in neutral tones of white, youneed to keep the backdrop around them colorful and fun. Consider painting walls, vanitycabinetry and stencil playful sayings on the walls. Be careful when using wall stickers, asthe humidity in the bathroom may cause them not to adhere well.

    Keep walls clean with durable surfaces : When decorating a kid's bathroom, make sure thatthe surfaces around wet areas such as the bathtub, toilet and sink are easily cleanable anddurable. Beadboard paneling, ceramic wall tile and scrubbable wall paint turns out as anideal option.

  • Provide ample lighting : This idea is for any bathroom as no one wants to have dark areas inthe room. Kid's bathrooms are the prime areas to get hurt in, so ensure that the overheadambient lighting, lighting scones and even pendant lights are bright and do not cast shadows.

    Proper organization is the key : When decorating a kid's bathroom remember to organize thebath products in easy to find areas and easy to reach heights. Baskets for toiletries, vanitysinks with open shelving below and bath toy storage for suction cup holders will help kidskeep their bathroom neat and tidy.

  • Small fixtures for little one's : There are also small plumbing fixtures available today. Idealfor toddlers and small children, these fixtures can help make your kid's bath experience morecolorful and funful. When planning your kid's bathroom, know whether these options existfor growing children or not.

    Accessorize on a budget : While you are spending a fortune to decorate your kid's bathroom,make sure that the selected color palette goes with the matching accessories to give yourbathroom a great look. From shower curtains, color coordinated bath linen and toiletryholders can match colors and patterns for a fashionable look.

    Choosing a theme : Choosing a theme is one of the best options to decorate a kid's bathroom.From animals and fun activities, to their favorite colors and cartoon characters, the optionsare endless.

    Bathroom safety : Make sure that the kid's bathroom has proper safety methods instilled inthe decor. Beautiful vanity cabinetry may look beautiful to look at, but proves hazardous forlittle ones if not secured correctly. Also, ensure all harmful chemicals, decorative items andcabinetry are not easily accessible by kids.

    Bringing the elements together for your kids bathroom decor becomes simple and enjoyable withthe use of these 8 tips. Remember to have fun when decorating your kids bathroom and seeksuggestions from Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors who can help you select fromcoordinated color schemes to accessories that you can mix and match.

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