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Brand, Branding, & Brand Identity. Whats the Difference?


  • 1. Brand, Branding, & Brand Identity.Whats the Difference?

2. FirstBrand =/ Logo 3. Brand is: The American marketingassociation defines a brand as"a name, term, sign, symbol or design,or a combination of them". 4. A brand is the space that you occupy inthe minds and/or hearts of people. 5. Branding helps to align how you wouldlike to be viewed with what peopleactually think about you. 6. for branding to be successful you mustknow your audience and yourself. 7. Who are we?What do we do that nobody else does?Where do we do it?Why should anyone care?When do we do it?How do we do it? 8. Brands are built over time and acrossexperiences. 9. So its important that the presentationof your company is consistent at everypoint of contact. 10. A brand identity encompasses thatparts of your brand that can beexperienced by the five senses. 11. It serves as a unique personality thathelps people tell you apart from others. 12. But your brand identity systemshould also include a combination oftouchpoints. 13. Jingles, Websites, Stationery,Environments, Logo, Color,Marketing Materials, Sound, Logos,Packaging, Uniforms, Advertising,& more... 14. How you know your brand?& to understand more about brand askyour self this question... 15. What your friends know about yourpersonality? 16. THANK YOU FOR WATCHINGHAVE A NICE DAY


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