Camera, Editing and Sound

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Camera, Editing and Sound in Romantic Comedies

CAMERAThe final shot is usually of the couple in the centre.The opening of rom-coms would usually involve close up shots of different elements related to each character so that the audience get an idea about the characters before they are known well to the audience.

EDITING Romantic Comedies are usually a slow pace to give the effect of turning a page in a fairy tale.The editing usually favours the woman and the film is seen from her point of view.A lot of Romantic Comedies include makeover scenes. These tend to be fast editing.

SOUNDRomantic Comedies often start with a voiceover explaining the characters and their situation. The script will usually include sexual innuendoes.There is normally non diegetic music in rom-coms. Many songs used are in the charts, soundtracks will often be available.