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Reimagine Mumbai's Public Spaces : Plaza in Powai Reimagine public space. Reimagine commute. Reimagine Mumbai. A quick set of thoughts for a cyclist friendly park in Borivali!


<ul><li> cyclewala.! </li> <li> the problem ! A city of movers. Everyone has somewhere to be. While pedestrians + vehicular trafc has been accounted for to some extent, cyclists have been left out with no dedicated space within the urban infrastructure. </li> <li> the idea! To create a model which can demonstrate bicycles as a communal means of transport. To promote riding and parking bicycles. To make people have fun. </li> <li> experience! Enter a space where you can interact with everything. Where your carbon footprint is zilch. Where everyone and everything is yours to discover. </li> <li> who! Men, women, children Cycling enthusiasts Introverts/extroverts what! Get t Meet people Unwind A safe spot to park your bicycle Discover the city TARGET AUDIENCE &amp; VALUE PROPOSITION" </li> <li> proposed layout! </li> <li> COMMUNAL BICYCLE PARKING AREA! PUBLIC GARDEN! LOCAL CYCLIST FRIENDLY INFORMATION ZONE! JUNGLE GYM ! </li> <li> space elements! </li> <li> communal seating! The seating within this space uses low cost PVC pipes will be coloured in vibrant shades. Benet: Low cost, Portable, Weather resistant. </li> <li> park &amp; sit! A simple parking unit with a adjoined seating option for those who want to guard their bikes. </li> <li> environment! Green space within the site. </li> <li> Storytelling slide panels! Takeaway maps with bike friendly routes within the city Contacts of local bicycle groups + details of upcoming rides </li> <li> Installation + shaded area! Art installations using low cost, readily available materials. </li> <li> Urban play space! Play + stretch zone made of low cost pipes to get that much needed stretch after a long ride. </li> <li> the people " Ashlesha K Parikshit N Sonika K " " " Shradha R Rajvardhan Ulka *sketches used in this presenta0on were created by the team members. *all photographic content was picked up o the internet and do not belong to us. Have been used for illustra0ve purposes. </li> </ul>


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