Designing for Love and Money - Fluxible Conference Sep 2013

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Larry Cornett explores the battle between love and money as it applies to products, organizations, and even our own careers. Over the past 20 years, Larry has developed strategies to deal with this problem, both as an individual contributor and as an organizational leader. Regardless of where you happen to work, or in what context, it’s an unavoidable issue that every designer must face and resolve. Presented at Fluxible 2013, a user experience conference in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Video of the talk is now on YouTube:

Text of Designing for Love and Money - Fluxible Conference Sep 2013

  • Designing for Love and Money Fluxible 2013 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Sep 14, 2013 Larry Cornett, Ph.D. Brilliant Forge
  • Brilliant Forge
  • Brilliant Forge L O V E $
  • Brilliant Forge Overview Designing for Love Designing for Money Product Challenges Organizational Challenges Career Challenges Closing Thoughts
  • Designing for Love
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. Creating value Functional Usable Useful Desirable DelightfulMeh Love
  • Brilliant Forge Perceptions of warmth and competence produce feelings of admiration Admiration corresponds to increased willingness to buy High admiration gives way to awe Awe leads to insane loyalty Does their love matter? Source:
  • Brilliant Forge How insane? Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Engagement Growth Money Love Opportunity
  • Brilliant Forge Love helps you grow Net Promoter Scores (NPS) explained 20-60% of the variation in organic growth rates among competitors >2x CAGR Growth (indexed) 500 100 0 200 300 400 0 5 10 15 20 Loyalty Leader Average Source:
  • Brilliant Forge How do you design for love? Enable memorable, delightful experiences Obsess over the details and small touches Consistently solve pain; dont cause it Be real, be human, be warm Listen, observe, & use data to improve Make it hard for people to hate you Source: Jennifer Aaker
  • Designing for Money
  • Brilliant Forge For four years we have offered the synchronization service for no charge, predicated on the hypothesis that a business model would emerge to support the free service Todd Agulnick, co-founder, XMarks Someone else is handling that Source: Xmarks_Is_Gone_But_Browser_Sync_Lives_On_.html
  • Brilliant Forge If youre good at something Never do it for freeWarner Bros. Pictures
  • Brilliant Forge Revenue cheese Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Revenue cheese Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Inappropriate revenue Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Creepy revenue Source:
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. I feel dirty Advertising can feel dirty Crippleware feels dirty Hidden fees are dirty It doesnt have to be that way
  • Brilliant Forge Bake it in Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Good prots Fred Reicheld denes bad prots as earnings that come at the expense of customer relationships In the airline industry, its estimated that 50% of customers feel coerced, misled and ill-treated JetBlue only charges for a 2nd checked bag Analysts like to remind us that we leave over $100 million on the table every year for that policy. - Joel Peterson, Chairman, JetBlue Airways Source: sense-solution-to-slow-airplane-boarding
  • Brilliant Forge Virtuous cycle ecosystems Product Business $ Customer Value $
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. How do you design for money? Design for love rst, but Design revenue options into the experience Harness the power of money Encourage good behavior Discourage bad behavior Dont be evil
  • Product Challenges Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Agile and design ideation Perceptions of ROI Time pressure and validation Design not always quantied Designers arent vocal enough Knowledge and understanding
  • Brilliant Forge Learn Analytics Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Talk the Talk Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Intentionally Design Revenue The Creation of Adam brought to you by Coca-Cola
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. Product strategy Intentionally design for engagement and harmonious revenue Make monetization enhance the experience Buy time for the creative process Earn a seat at the table, speak the language Quantify that design drives success Control your design destiny
  • Organizational Challenges Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Perceptions of UX Where UX lives Ever-changing org models Support from your boss Involvement and inuence
  • Brilliant Forge Show the Candy Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Reach the Top Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Share the Pain Source:
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. Organizational strategy Have UX report as high as possible Control your organizational destiny Turn Design into a prot center Own Design projects and engineering Make HR and PR your allies Meet frequently with your detractors
  • Career Challenges Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Choosing the right career path Politics, politics, politics 70% will eventually manage others Yet 95% said they enjoy designing Join companies, leave bosses
  • Brilliant Forge Be careful Title $ DesignYour Career Path Source: and
  • Brilliant Forge Keep What You Love Source:
  • Brilliant Forge Be Condent Be Bold Source:
  • Brilliant Forge What the user experience with your product really is about. Career strategy Intentionally design your career Choose your boss wisely Keep what you love (design!) Stay relevant and differentiated Find powerful and connected mentors Recognize and seize opportunity
  • Closing Thoughts
  • You Value Cost Colleagues Business Perception Designing for Love & Money Customers Boss Product Org Career
  • Brilliant Forge Design is your instrument Design for love to be memorable Design for revenue to control your destiny Design your organization to have inuence Design your work to be successful Design your own career to be happy
  • Brilliant Forge ThankYou