Difference between photo editing and photo manipulation

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  • Difference between Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation:

    In simple word it has the main difference in its editing techniques of photographs as well as images includes

    some of the simple editing tactics like adjusting brightness, contrast, clipping, cropping, saturation adjustment,

    color correction, and some other small corrections in it.

    Gorgeous Photo Editing

    Photo Editing:

    It signifies the regular processes used to enhance photos and to create them "Actual editing simple process."

    Also included some of the regular programs used for editing and expose how to use them.

    Digital Image Manipulation:

    It is a process of more time taken a process and also implies just simply routinely editing the photos. This used to

    recover the more composting, complex, complicated processes with high-end programs methodologies.

    Photoshop is here most using software to enhance the manipulation techniques.

    Image Solutions India


  • Manipulations include all this entire simple editing techniques and have some manipulation techniques like

    erasing, adding objects, adding some graphical effects, background correction, creating incredible effect, change

    elements in an image, adding skyline from a different image, removing light poles and unwanted shapes in the

    image, eliminating blemishes from a persons face, changing the features of a persons body with unbelievable


    Simply explains that the photographer basically manipulating the image to match his imaginary thought.

    Manipulation is simply inserting the imaginary thoughts of the editors to the ordinary image. Professional Photo

    Editing stands less effective work compare with the Professional Photo Manipulation.

    Digital Image Enhancement

    For the photo editing purpose there are using some softwares like Adobe Photoshop and for photo

    manipulation technique we using some of the softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW, Aperture

    by Apple, Capture One Pro by Phase One.

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  • Usages of these two different techniques are different. Photo editing is used for the commercial purpose to

    expose the business, product to public. Also for the simple purpose of printing, newspaper advertisements,

    magazines, brochure and catalogue creation, simple advertisement, brand logo creation, illustration images,

    website images, social media advertisement images, SEO images, etc

    But for the manipulated image, it is used in the place of extraordinary advertisement to attract more customers

    by its different look. For service related advertisement, for different advertisement posting, for animation

    company requirement, for explaining the concept with different images, etc Most of the service providers in

    image editing were famous in India.

    Photo Editing Services Versus Photo Manipulation Services

    Some of the image editing techniques like Photo Clipping, Photo cropping, Photo manipulation, Photo Masking,

    Panorama stitching, real estate image editing, photo editing was situated in India. We believe that you all well

    understood the difference between Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation.

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  • Image Solutions India The Legend in the Image Editing World delivers the highest quality of Digital Photo

    Editing Services as well as Photo Manipulation Services at low price all over the globe to rectify the mistakes in

    the photographs or to enhance the visual aspects of the photograph.

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