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<ul><li> 1. Amelia Ollis-Olds </li> <li> 2. Audience and Purpose, The target audience based on this front cover are females in the age bracket of 18- 35, this is because of the elegant and sophisticated style (black and white text) and the mature picture of Lily Allen. It is also aimed at this audience because of the content, this is sown through interpellation of the cover lines. The purpose of this front cover is to attract the target audience into buying this magazine, this is done thorough many things such as title and typography, design and layout, cover lines and style of model image. </li> <li> 3. Mast Head, The typography is very elegant and sophisticated, although it is opaque white there is a definite contrast between that and the baby pink background. The mast head is very large and takes up nearly a quarter of the page. Although you cannot see the whole word you can tell what it says as the mast head is iconic and highly recognisable. The mast head is so big and eye catching because the name of the magazine is one of the main selling points. Consumers buy the product because it has built up a reputation and a name for itself . </li> <li> 4. Main Image, The main image on this page is the well known singer/songwriter Lilly Allen, she has recently become a style icon and has made a name for herself in the fashion industry as she has her own vintage boutique. The photograph follows Winships theory as she is a young, white, perfectly groomed and she is has a seductive look on her face. Her gesture codes draw attention to her face and expression and her wedding ring (as she is a newly wed) . She is also looking directly down the camera , breaking the forth wall to engage with the audience and draw them in. Her dress codes are very high end fashion , she is wearing a very recognisable Dolce and Gabbana dress which attracts the target audience because after all it is a fashion magazine and its a very fashionable dress. The main image also follows Gaze theory, as Lily Allen has been made to look as attractive as she can she is attracting men to want to be with her an women to look like her. </li> <li> 5. Cover lines, The cover lines on this front cover use interpellation to entice the audience and show them what is to come. All cover lines are no longer than 10 words each and use carefully selected words to draw in the target audience. Love..could you do better? this cover line uses direct mode of address to grab the audience and make them feel as it the cover line is taking to them personally. This creates a enigma for the reader and encourages them to consume the product. The different cover lines all cover different selling points of the magazine, e.g. Beauty, love, fashion, life style and celebrity. Typography, each cover line is in a different font size and colour (black or white). This keeps the style of the magazine without it being boring. It also draws your attention to each one. The main sell line is the new mood what to buy, wear, see &amp; experience right now this is because it is the biggest on the page and is in front of the main image making it more important. It also creates enigma as the new mood is quite interesting and makes the audience want to buy the magazine and read on. </li> <li> 6. Cover Lines free manicure or pedicure, look great for less this cover line is really cleaver because in he current economical climate many women would sacrifice their weekly mani/pedi to save money therefore having a voucher in the magazine is a great selling point for both the magazine and the beauty industry. Lily Allen, in pursuit oh happiness this cover line is immediately grabbing because it is positioned at the top on the left (which is naturally where our eye goes). It is also a selling point of the magazine because using social integration theory the audience want to know about Lilys life so that they feel closer to her. It also corresponds to the main image of her. The beauty break through the beat surgery this headline creates enigma for the audience as they want to know that the breakthrough is. It is also a strong selling point because the beauty and fashion industry share very similar audiences so therefore the magazine is broadening its target audience. Again the cover line the jumper of the season, its 40, be quick has the same sort of idea behind it as the one above. It is attracting the audience because women want cheap/affordable fashion. </li> <li> 7. Small print, ELLEUK.COM this is found in the E of the Elle mast head, it is put there to inform and make the audience aware of the Elle website without them actually having to buy the magazine. It also makes the magazine accessible on more media platforms e.g. The internet, smart phones and tablets. This is a great way of marketing the magazine and company as the majority of the target audience have access to one or more of these things. Date line, this is there to inform what issue of the magazine it is. The magazine is produced monthly and comes out in the month before its due date. The date is small and discrete because the audience can generally tell by the main image, cover lines and content which issue it is. The price is again small and discrete under the dateline this is done so that you make a decision on whether or not you want to buy the magazine or not before you see the price. </li> </ul>