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Genuine simple system designed for the avrage person to make fast easy money onlne giving away a fee product.See for your self at


  • 1. 2 - Niche Selection a) Simpler than You ThinkOk so now with the basics out of the way lets get to step one in ourprocess Step #1 - Niche Selection/Doing Your ResearchStep #2 - Targeting Buyers FirstStep #3 - Expanding the BusinessSo the way that I do my Niche Selection and Research is possibly a bitdifferent than what you may hear elsewhere.Some people tell you to go after markets with little to no competition, orthe little known golden nuggets out therewhateverI dont believe inthat, it takes WAY more sweat and tear necessary to make that line ofthinking profitable for youI want the easy route insteadThis is basically what it comes down to for me Leverage the Success of Others.I like to promote what is ALREADY doing well.For example if Im promoting an offer through, Im goingto choose one of their most successful offers to promote.Learn to WELCOME competition. If a lot of other people are alsopromoting a product or services it means that it must be working wellfor them and this provides a huge OPPORTUNITY for us.

2. Particularly with the way that Im going to show you how I drive largeamounts of TARGETED traffic. ;-)I hear a lot of people say in business that you should pick somethingyour passionate thats the standard business mantra or something.And I do agree with that phrasebut I must clarify one thingIt helps to be interested in the area youre promoting, because it can bemore fun that way BUTWhat I think is even more important than the subject matter of theniche youre promoting, is to be passionate about the PROCESS.Its the PROCESS behind your ACTIONS that are the biggest factor toyour success.To be honest, Ill promote products in markets I have no personalinterest in fact, the products and services themselvescould actually pretty boring to me! :-PBut thats not the part that gets me excited, its the PROCESS behindwhat Im doing! Thats the part I love!I love going into new niches, targeting the buyers within that niche (likeIm about to show you how to do), and repeating the process over andover to grow my business and cash in.So lets get to it!! 3. b) How to Approached Different Markets/NichesTo me, there are three main Superniches that will never ever go out ofstyle They are Health, Wealth, and RelationshipsAnd these categories dont fail no matter the state of the economy,people are ALWAYS interested in these categories (its not somethinglike dining out or movie rentals that people usually will cut back on inhard economic times)But speaking of dining out, what would be a good idea would be to sellhow to save money dining out or how to save money taking a girl outon a date.something like that.Im just brainstorming now But anyway, back to my pointThese super niches can be broken down into subniches Forexample.Health can be things like a. Fitnessb. Weight Lossc. Lower Cholesterold. Improve your Golf game (like targeting athletes).Wealth can be o Making More Money o How to Save Money (like get cheaper insurance, or credit cards) 4. o Coupons (for deal shoppers) o Job SearchesRelationships can be o Dating Advice o Personal Growth/Life Fulfillment o Hobbies o Travel/GiftsThe reason that I even mention the idea of Superniches andSubniches is that this is the way I think of everything that I promoteonline, no matter how large or small the market is.It helps me really drive deep into the market and find more traffic andmore money.


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