Fleet Robo-Fleet Management Solutions with GPS Vehicle Tracking System

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  1. 1. About UsFleet Robo is a set of solutions which aims at optimizing the usage of shared resourcesof transport industry. It empowers the fleet owners and operators with IT driven systemwhich helps in managing and controlling the fleet across different terrain during transit.It has functionality to analyze and optimize route for goods and personneltransportation by vehicles consequentially which saves time and fuel for ecological aimsof reducing organizational carbon footprint on earth. It automates manual processeswith IT Enabled solutions which nullifies the use of physical maintenance of recordsthereby saves time and brings operational efficiency. You dont have to ask chauffer fortrip related information. It is an end-to-end solution of fleet management for fleetowners.Binary Semantics have brought "Fleet Robo" solutions to empower fleet owners toenvisage themselves to provide safe and secure mode of transportation and competeon global platform with IT Advantage. Our dedicated team comprising experienceddomain specialists developed these solutions by profoundly understanding theprocesses and criticalities involved in managing the fleet efficiently.
  2. 2. Vehicle Tracking SolutionFleet Robo vehicle tracking solution gives you eyesight to know 24X7 aboutyour belongings. This solution serves organizational requirement to track realtime location of goods, driver and vehicle. It resolutely empowers a fleetoperator or any third party to track and monitor vehicles during transit.For individual who is concerned about chauffer driven cars with familymembers, it gives complacency for their safety during transit with intuitiveweb interface to track and monitor real time location, speed etc.The system proactively reports at central control unit to warn against systemdefined abnormal issues automatically during transit. This automated systemtriggers information to the fleet owner by SMS and Email Alerts about vehicleuncharacteristic movement in the field."Human craving has no limit, it tend to surpass all boundaries to make impossibleimaginable"
  3. 3. Car Rental SolutionCar Rental solution gives a complete package to vendors who provide dailytransportation facilities to big organization. Understanding the criticality tomanage transportation facility to employees of multiple organizations, thissolution is suggested which helps in managing ad hoc and daily requirementof vehicle for employee movement. This solution aims to make this complextask an easy job. It is a solution which caters to end to end fleet managementrequirements of car rental companies.CR Robo contain customer Management System to record and mangedatabase of booking with Automatic Dispatch Engine integrated after devisingIntelligent Business Rules. It takes care of End-to End needs of FleetManagement for Car rental Company Components Installed:-FDT Fleet Data Terminal In-Vehicle Tracking Device In Vehicle Thermal Technology Printer
  4. 4. Features of Car Rental Solution Call Centre Support 24X7 Call routing through IVRCustomer Call Management Secure Database of Passengers for Report Generation Binary web portal for booking and auto dispatch Real time tracking and tracing of position on Google MAP FDT Screen for Easy navigationVehicle Tracking System Auto Route Optimization Customized Geo- Fence Prepaid and Postpaid Billing ManagementBilling In-Vehicle Printer for Prepaid Billing Driver Record Keeping and Duty managementJob management and Reporting Alerts for vehicle maintenance and validation Report Generation of Scheduling and Passenger travelling Panic Button for Passenger and Driver Status report on IgnitionSafety Solutions Automatic reinforcement in emergency Vehicle Immobility
  5. 5. Taxi Management SolutionTaxi Management solution caters to end-to-end needs of Radio Taxi Vendorswhich begins from Idle Vehicle Identification and automatic dispatch based onintelligent Business rules. Fleet Robo TMS do time slicing of shared resourcesto bring maximum outcome and uniform utilization of resources.TMS maintains uniformity in no. of Jobs Assigned to drivers in terrain. Also,Real time tracking of vehicle and status of fleet is managed with convergenceof GPS, GIS GPRS and Information technology. Security and Safety Utility fordrivers and passengers along with the operationally efficient solutions makeFleet Robo TMS a complete Package for Taxi Management. Components Installed:-FDT Fleet Data Terminal In-Vehicle Tracking Device In Vehicle Thermal Technology Printer
  6. 6. Features of Taxi Management SolutionCall Centre Support 24X7Call routing through IVRCustomer Call ManagementSecure Database of Passengers for Report GenerationBinary web portal for booking and auto dispatchReal time tracking and tracing of position on Google MAPFDT Screen for Easy navigationVehicle Tracking SystemAuto Route OptimizationCustomized Geo- FenceIntegrated Automatic Vehicle DispatchIntelligent Business Rules for Automatic Vehicle DispatchVehicle Dispatch System Instant SMS Updates to CustomersBreakdown Alert and ReinforcementHardware with printer for BillingDriver Record Keeping and Duty managementJob management and ReportingAlerts for vehicle maintenance and validationReport Generation of Scheduling and Passenger travellingPanic Button for Passenger and DriverStatus report on IgnitionSafety SolutionsAutomatic reinforcement in emergencyVehicle Immobility
  7. 7. Other Solutions Trucking and logistics School Bus Public Safety Heavy Vehicles and Machines Cranes and JCB Container Management Oil Tanker Personal Tracking
  8. 8. How It Works
  9. 9. FeaturesCustomer Interaction and Management IntegratedWeb-Portal for :- Booking Customer ManagementIVR and Call Center BasedAutomatic SMS and Email BasedInformation ManagementCustomer Profile, Agreements,TariffCustomer, Vender & Driver ManagementFleet Inventory ManagementFleet AllocationApproval Processes ManagementInformation AccessWeb InterfaceMobile Interface:- iPhone/iPad Android Blackberry.24X7 Customer Care
  10. 10. FeaturesJob/Trip Assignment & ManagementAutomatic Vehicle DispatchIntelligent Business Rules for DispatchingGuest Reporting Alerts In-Vehicle Billing and PaymentsFleet Tracking and ControlReal Time TrackingPanic/SOS Button for Passenger and DriverRemote Vehicle Immolization Customized Geo- Fencing Alerts and NotificationsInstant SMS Updates to CustomersJob Management with SMS AlertsBreakdown Alert & Reinforcement OptionsPayment Alerts
  11. 11. FeaturesFleet MaintenanceAlerts for Vehicle MaintenanceInsurance, Accident & Claims ManagementService Management Fleet AllocationSpare Parts Management MIS Reports GenerationTrip Related ReportsFleet Maintenance Reports Driver and Vendor PaymentsVehicle Efficiency ChartOther Reporting Fleet, Driver, Vendor Related Reports
  12. 12. Value and Benefits
  13. 13. VTS HardwareProduct HighlightsTwo way data communication supportGeo-fence FunctionBuild-in motion sensor to save traffic costLithium Polymer Rechargeable Back-up Battery 850mAh8M build-in memory for data loggingExternal GSM and GPS antennaVirtual OdometerOTA Configuration8-30 V Input RangeDevice Surge protectionOperating Temp -20~+70 Storage Temp.: -30~+85 Humidity: 5%~95%5 x Digital Inputs Ports (SOS, Ignition, AC, Doors)5 x Digital Outputs Ports (Open Drain, 250mA Sink), 3 External, 2 Internal (Fuel cut off,AC cutoff, Buzzer)2 x Analog Input Port (ADC 10bit Resolution, 0~12V) (Fuel, Pressure)
  14. 14. Fleet Data TerminalSpecificationsScreen5" and 7"Capacitive TouchResolution320480 / 800 x 480.Processor 800 MHz / 1 GHZ, Turbo ProcessorBattery and Power 4200 MAhData Networks GPRS, 3G , EDGEApplicationsAndroid, Java EnabledMemoryInternal & External Memory support
  15. 15. In Vehicle Payment and Bill PrintingSpecificationsSupports Credit/ Debit/ Smart CardsIn-built Magnetic Card ReaderIn-built Smart Card ReaderThermal Printer TechnologyWireless Bluetooth InterfaceWired Options for data transferRechargeable batteryCompact and light weightMultilingual PrintingVehicle Operating Facility
  16. 16. Thank You Register Now For DemoRegards,Marketing TeamFleet RoboMail us at : marketing@fleetrobo.comFor Sales: sales@fleetrobo.comFor Support: care@fleetrobo.comCall us at : 0124-4578700www.fleetrobo.com