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    & S8 EDGE


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    Wallet Cases Magnet

    613203 Galaxy S8 Black EAN 7330985132032613233 Galaxy S8 Edge Black EAN 7330985132339

    5 pcs 50 pcs

    Phone Cases Card Slot

    613207 Galaxy S8 Black EAN 7330985132070 613229 Galaxy S8 Edge Black EAN 7330985132292

    5 pcs 50 pcs

    This magnet wallet case features 3 card slots and a big pocket for bills. You can easily remove the magnetic phone case from the wallet case. This makes it easy to use your phone and when you are done talking, you just snap it back into the wallet and your phone is fully protected again. This product is designed to work well with your credit cards while being strong enough to safely keep your phone in place.

    This is a high quality wallet case that will not only protect your precious phone but also enhance its looks. This wallet case has slots for your credit cards as well as a larger pocket for bills. All buttons and ports are accesible without removing the phone from the holder.

    When you want to leave the wallet at home, this is the perfect combo. Card slot on the back of the phone case, neat and slim! The phone case is carefully designed so it will snugly fit the phone while keeping the phones buttons and connectors fully accessible.

    Wallet Cases Standard

    613205 Galaxy S8 Black EAN 7330985132056 613231 Galaxy S8 Edge Black EAN 7330985132315

    5 pcs 50 pcs

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    Holdit is marketed by Proove AB, Sweden.Phone: +46 (0)346 715600



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