Gehrke Bathroom Remodel

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Gehrke Bathroom Remodel

Gehrke Bathroom RemodelWinter 2015 Project

About the project:This was a project in which my client asked me to help her re-design her main bathroom. Her main concerns involved more storage, converting the tub/shower combo into a walk-in shower unit, and updating the overall look of the room to match the rest of her renovated home. She wanted to incorporate a larger window as well as an updated look for the tile on the walls. We debated the removal of a laundry chute, and possibly going to a smaller depth of vanity.


Before photos

After photosWe ended up removing a small, inconvenient closet and moving the entire shower unit down, to make room for a storage area taken from a small coat closet on the other side of the wall, giving us room for both roll-out base and glass-door wall cabinets. The floating vanity accommodated for an antique-looking baseboard heater, and the modified cabinet above the under-mount sink allowed for even more storage.



Final projectThe project totaled around $20,000. We ended up choosing a pre-made acrylic shower unit from American Standard, and went with Kohler and Delta for the rest of the fixtures and fittings. The tile on the walls is a white porcelain subway tile, and the flooring also porcelain, in a grey hexagonal shape inspired by the look of marble. The countertops were a Corian, which contrasted just enough with the painted white woodwork and fixtures.