How To Create a Joomla Website

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  • Website: How to Create a Joomla Website

  • Website: Follow some steps to create a joomla website1. Download WMP server to your Computer and install it

  • Website: 2. Download joomla, unzip it and copy it into WWW file that is in the WAMP file: C:/WAMP/WWW) 3. Click the server's icon and left click the icon on the bottom right, then go to start all services and wait for the dial to turn white

  • Website: 4. Right click again and go to localhost and click on it, if that took you to the wamp server's page, you are on the right trail.5. Add: http://localhost/joomla/administrator to the address in the internet explorer's search line and press "enter".

  • Website: 6. Choose your e-mail address and login password and login to your control panel.

    Create articles, menu, fix everything in the location you want in the theme, edit CSS and HTML files, download more than 34,000 free joomla theme

  • Website: 7. Create a professional looking website, that lives to the standards of W3C in it's CSS and XHTML, in a very short time, than edit and play with it for a week and when finished , upload it to a host and control it with a c-panel

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