Importance of Graphic Design Trends in Building Brand Value of your Business

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Constantly updating yourself about the emerging graphic designing trends is an incessant process in this age of digital media. Graphic designers are always looking for new styles and....


  • 1. Emai l: info@graphicsdesignoutsourcing.comVoice (India): +91-794-000-3251Importance of Graphic Design Trends in Building Brandvalue of your BusinessPosted By: Ritesh SanghaniWith so much of competition in the market; it becomes mandatory for organizations to utilizethe expertise and capabilities of a graphic designer to create attention grabbing corporategraphic design services that helps them to convert their target audience.Constantly updating yourself about the emerging graphic designing trends is an incessantprocess in this age of digital media. Graphic designers are always looking for new styles andtechniques to stay on top of their game. This is where corporate stationary design services andcorporate graphic design services become handy for an organization.The trick here is to comprehend which ones to adopt and which ones to avoid. Just as youwouldnt try out to wear every contemporary fashion trend in one output, similarly each and

2. every novice graphic design style would not appeal to your brand. This article integratesemerging graphic design trends that go with the corporate identity of an organization and helpsin identifying corporate graphic design services that add value to your branding efforts: Green signal to in-depth logos and red signal to too simple logos: There has been anoverdose of increasing simplification of logos. When we refer to corporate graphicdesign services; the stress is on in-depth logos and simple logos lead to less branddominion. Hence; logos with deep penetration will enhance brand sovereignty, hencegraphic designers should take this into consideration while going for graphic designingof brand logos. Opt for real models rather than models with excessive retouching: This is year 2014 andwe are seeing lots of new changes happening in the graphic designing domain. One suchtrend is depicting the reality and concentrating on revealing the image of real, normalpeople rather than virtual models with excessive retouching. This is where corporategraphic design services come into picture. Traditional ad designing services are far gonetoday the emphasis is not on things that win awards rather it is more on giving thetarget audience a real feel of your corporate identity. Since; the entire spectrum ofadvertising has taken a paradigm shift it is about time to adapt to this change and makenecessary changes while providing corporate graphic designing services. Hand lettering and bold typography: Hand lettering and fonts that are designed to looklike handwriting have taken the concept of corporate graphic design services to a newpinnacle. These things have been around since decades but now we are seeing graphicdesigners utilizing it to full effect to depict corporate stationary design services. Handlettering and fonts are now been utilized on clothing store windows to doctors officesand every single food blog on the internet. Although there are lot of brand successstories associated with it; not every brand can pull it off. Presentation is the key hereand typefaces can have a huge impact on the result.Brands that deal in handicraft or art related product can pull it off very well. But if you applyhand-lettering design (corporate stationary design services) for a heating and air conditioningcompany it can backfire your branding. Hence it is very important to understand whether handlettering can be useful for your brand in terms of applicability or not. If it sets your brand apartnothing like it.But if confuses your target audience then you are in for a big trouble. As far as the question ofselecting unique fonts for your brand is concerned the answer is yes you can use unique fonts in 3. different ways to get your brand identified. All these things can be encompassed undercorporate stationary design services.Remember that a graphic designer is the best person to give you hands -on overview of the typeof fonts to be used. But if you are looking to reflect your brand as strong and bold then theycan provide you with different alternatives in terms of typefaces to send the right message toyour target audience.Author:Ritesh Sanghani has an overall experience of 15+ years in International Marketing. He isresponsible for ensuring customer satisfaction by value addition and thereby building long -termand mutually beneficial business relationships. Mr. Sangani's background includes a soundknowledge of IT and ITES service sector.Company Address:Graphics Design OutsourcingC/O Hi-Tech House, Near Gurukul Tower,Gurukul, Ahmedabad-380 052Phone: +91-796-608-3251Email: info@graphicsdesignoutsourcing.comWebsite: www.GraphicsDesignOutsourcing.comCopyright 2014 Graphics Design Outsourcing. All Rights Reserved.The Original Content was published at: