Keep Your Kids Safe With Above Ground Pool Alarms

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  • Keep Your Kids Safe With Above Ground Pool Alarms

    If you want to have your own swimming pool without investing too much money, an above ground pool is the best choice. This type of pool is installed on a deck and it doesnt represent a permanent structure for your yard. The most important advantage is that the pool can be stored or moved when you leave the place. For people who rent a house, an above swimming pool suits the needs of the tenants and on the other hand the owner cannot complain there are unwanted changes made to his home.

    Above ground pools have all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours at affordable prices. You should contact your local dealer to ask for his opinion about the most appropriate sizes for a pool. This depends on the area you have at your disposal and you should take into account the decor too. Even if you dont care much about landscaping, the swimming pool has to be installed in a way that will improve the appearance of your home. Just think of what your friends might say. You want applause not ironic comments, dont you?

    There is an important detail that you should keep in mind. Every swimming pool must have an alarm to prevent undesirable events such as the drowning of a child or a pet. In emergency cases an alarm can save the life of the one you love. Stores specialized in selling alarms have a lot of models that are suitable for above ground pools.

    The alarm for surface wave detection is activated by the fall of a child or pet in the water. It has an electrical circuit with a contact immersed in the water and a contact left above the water. The movement of the surface wave actions on the above contact and the alarm comes into action. This type works with batteries and it doesnt need any special installation. It is water resistant and it is able to detect light objects such as small pets. The model with a wireless remote receiver can be included in a complex security system installed in the house.

    Personal immersion detector can be used as a wristband for children or as a collar for pets. When the sensor from the wristband is immersed in the water, the alarm is triggered immediately. Turtle wristbands are very popular among children. They like wearing them because they are nice and have lovely colours.

    The disadvantage of these two types of alarms is that they can be activated by wind or the fall of leaves and branches. Although false alarms are a bit annoying, having an alarm pool is more important.

    The subsurface wave detection alarm is an upgraded model that works with magnetic sensor and pressure switch. It has higher efficiency and sensitivity. It is more desirable to improve the level of prevention and protection using pool alarms together with gate or door alarms. When a child or pet will get to the pool the alarm will alert adults to take action in time.

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