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Modern Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When it comes to designing spaces for kids, pristine and perfectly coordinated childhood bedrooms aren't as common in real life as they are in the magazines toys on the floor and posters covering the walls might be a contributing factor. But those idyllic retreats are still fun to think about and appreciate! This post examines a pair of sophisticated kids' rooms, each with a bold black and white theme. These designs are especially interesting because of how flexible they are, and how their neutral colors and prints would be easy to adapt to suit the changing preferences of the young residents as they grow.

Bunting Styles

Whist it may not be a carnival, adding a string of bunting or lights to a childs bedroom always creates a festive atmosphere.

Blackboards Creations

Painting a wall or door in blackboard paint or incorporating a freestanding blackboard, gives the child a sizable surface for expressing their creativity and practicing their ABCs.

Decorative Shelvings

Get creative with storage solutions. Wire baskets can serve as decorative storage and a bookcase can be transformed into a colorful display unit by lining the back of each shelf with colorful craft paper.

Teepees and Tents

If space permits incorporate a teepee. Children love feeling cocooned in small spaces. Teepees make perfect little dens, reading nooks or play stations, not to mention they look fabulous.

Mini Cubby House

With a hammer and drill you can go one step beyond the teepee and make a miniature cubby house. Not only do these look ever so cool, they can be draped with fabric to create miniature play or sleep spaces that children will absolutely love.

Indoor Playground

Children love to play indoors as well as outdoors. A simple swing or a hopscotch grid taped onto the floor can create hours of fun.

Creative Art Displays

Colorful artwork can help pull the room together but it need not be expensive. Create your own design with post-it-notes or from personal photos and postcards that you may have collected over the years.

Kids Art

Invest in a few basic frames to display your childs artwork. Displaying your childs art not only makes the child feel good about themselves, it also adds color and personality to a bedroom. Instead of randomly displaying artwork around the room, group together pictures in a gallery style format for maximum impact or hang on a wire line like you would bunting. Replace / update the pictures as your child grows.

Creative Workspace

No matter how big or small the space you are working with, it is important to try and create a work area. There are so many desk options around to suit every space from the under bunk bed style desks to vintage school desks and modern desks. For limited spaces consider a narrow bench / console which can work well as a desk and occupy an unused space below a window.

Smiling Cushions

All children want to feel safe and loved in their room and there is nothing more inviting than a smiling face cushion to help them feel at ease and slip off into a quiet sleep.

Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

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