Lean UX and Rapid Prototyping

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A quick visual overview of the process small UX teams can take to gather insights and move forward with conceptual prototypes for apps, web apps, and websites.


  • 1. Lean UX & Rapid Prototyping Ethan Machado Content Strategist Experience Design March 25, 2014

2. The War Room Collaborate Ideate Consensus Team- Building 3. The Team Product Owner Interaction Designer Content Strategist Visual Designer 4. The Process Research User & Biz Needs Map User Journey Brainstorm & Sketch Visualize 5. The Outputs - User Journey Maps 6. The Outputs - Prototypes Exhibit A Exhibit B dfdfdfdfdf dfdfdfdfdf dfd 7. The Benets Increases Collaboration More Effective Than Wireframes Improves Client Buy-in Potentially Faster Time to Market