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A Pitch got Ditched ;)


  • 1. L|U|M|SLahore University of Management Sciences

2. LUMS - Brief LUMS takes pride in sharing its core values, which are Institutional Excellence, Adherence to Merit, Integrity, Academic Freedom, Diversity, Tolerance, and Research LUMS has recently gone through centralization process; previously the Marketing function was decentralized We would want corporate standardization in all of our communication and specifically in our brochures. Corporate visual identity should be followed properly 3. Creative Vehicles LUMS wants to focus more on human element; also the facilities and buildings should not be neglected LUMS is rated as the best business school in the region Human elements, Typography, Minimalistic approach, building & facility focus etc 4. Consumer Insight? The target audience is seeking for best education for themselves In order to ensure a brighter future, parents & students are willing to pay the premium LUMS is charging as compared to its competition As LUMS graduates get the best highest pay bracket in the market The key competition involves, LSE, IBA, SZABIST, IoBM, PU etc Its a long term commitment and involves complex decision making 5. Human Progression of Knowledge 6. Why do we strive for knowledge? 7. For Power Ramesses II (Ramesses the Great), the the most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire.To be a God 8. Citizens and Kings at the London Royal Academy of Arts shows early works in which kings and queens [are depicted] in their pomp and finery, confident in the supreme power they believed was a God-given right. General Horemheb though he became one of the greatest ever Egyptian Pharaohs.To be a God 9. But war and revolution challenged that assumption, and painters and sculptors came to portray Enlightenment leaders as statesmen weighed down by civic duty and championing reason and scientific progress. Included is Ingres 1806 painting of Napoleon, pictured.To be a King 10. For Prestige From Discovery to InventionTo be Enlightened Ones 11. Cars of the Riches For Money and PrideTo be Rish & Famous 12. Identity of the Elites For Knowledge That Defines You!To Define Your Self 13. Knowledge Defines You Who we are? What we are? What we do? How we do it? Knowledge Defines Us! Knowledge Defines Self Knowledge Defines Society Knowledge Defines Mankind 14. From beliefs 15. From books to newspaper to magazine to tv to internet to new forms 16. Striving to get to know more and tell more 17. Knowledge Defines You We Strive to Create, Access and Use Knowledge at every step, moment and breath of our lives 18. Crashshshshs- too much info 19. Exponential Times 20. Living in Exponential Times 21. Consumer Insight Its a long term commitment and involves complex decision making In current exponential times, the growth in human knowledge has been phenomenal in last two to three decade that it had never been experienced in total previous history of mankind but this informationoverload has caused complexity to the world from an individual to societiesLets 22. L | U | M | S COMMUNICATION IDEA If you cant explain things simply, you dont understand it well enough Einsteinmake sense to the world 23. L | U | M | S NEWLY FORMED PHILOSOPHY Merit Based Approach LUMS adheres to merit as the sole criteria in it's decision making. This applies to all aspects of its operations, from selection of faculty and staff, to admission and evaluation of students The greatest contribution of a man to mankind is knowledge itself because it provides justice to everything Knowledge makes sense to mankind and the future! 24. Making sense to the communication 25. Evolving Sense in Visual Languages 26. Evolving Sense in Visual Identities 27. Making Sense to the Visual Identity 28. make sense to the world !!! 29. Making Sense in communication design Corporate Ads? Research as a core element Raise the concern/Resolve the concern Name the top faculty with their research journals Stating the School name for relevance 30. Making Sense in communication design Online Communities as a plateform Using Social Media Strengths Raise the concern/Resolve the concern Contributions from experts, teachers, students and professionals to make sense to the world of their expertise 31. Making Sense in communication design Admission Open Ads? Creating Sense of Urgency Highlighting Opportunities for Financial Assistance Stating Relevant School & Programms 32. L | U | M | S NEWLY FORMED VISION To become an internationally acclaimed research university that serves society through excellence in education and research A research university dedicated to advancement and creation of new knowledge You can only know knowledge through knowledge, with knowledge, by knowledge till every new knowledge exists to be known! 33. L | U | M | S NEWLY FORMED MISSION LUMS aspires to achieve excellence and national and international leadership through unparalleled teaching and research, holistic undergraduate education, and civic engagement to serve the critical needs of society. the purpose of research is to bring sense out of knowledge for the betterment of world 34. Brochures 35. Brochures 36. Brochures 37. Brochures 38. Thank You !!!