Magazine plan for my magazines front cover

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The magazine plan i wrote up for my magazines front cover.


  • 1. James Karaiskos 12R

2. FrontPage: The image My front page will include a main image that willhave to be good enough to catch my audiencesattention, but to also match the genre of mymagazine. So it will obviously need to have somerelevance to school as my magazine is basedaround school life, which include things like thestudents, teachers and even parents. 3. FrontPage: Matshead It will also have to include a masthead that stands out to the audienceand will also stay in their head so they remember the magazine. So themasthead will have to be quit catchy as these usually tend to be thethings that stick in peoples heads. It will also have to be in a clearcolour that will stand out from the background and catch the eyes ofthe audience. This is all very important because the masthead is one ofthe main factors of the magazine. The masthead is known as the visual branding of the magazine, so itwill need to be designed in a certain way so that it is extremelyappealing to my audience and links to them also. I intend on puttingthe masthead throughout the magazine, so not on the front page buton the contents page also. This masthead so be fairly short, no morethan one line and easy to remember. 4. FrontPage: Cover lines I will also use cover lines which will tell thereader/audience what is actually inside the magazine forthem to read. This is so they know exactly what will beinside the magazine, so I will be feeding them informationthrough the front page and also trying to intrigue them sothat they buy the magazine to look at the rest of it and notjust the front page. I will also have a main cover line which will link straightinto the main image as this will intrigue the target audiencewhen they see it and obviously catch their attention, as wellas the masthead. 5. Front cover: Colour scheme I have decided to use a colour scheme that would standout to people when looking at my magazine but is alsoclear and easy for them to read all the text that is on it. The colour scheme will also have to match the mainimage I have chosen. By this I mean that I would notuse a black colour scheme if there is black clothingused on the model or even a white colour scheme as itwill clash with a white background in the image. 6. Layout of front coverMastheadMain image that isrelevant to mymagazines genreSchoolbadgeCoverlines,statingwhat isincludedin themagazine,this wouldbe onboth sidesof thefrontcoverSlogan of the magazine 7. Contents page The contents page that I am going to design willinclude all the cover lines that are seen on the frontpage of the magazine. The font will have to be easy toread and also the same as the font used on the frontpages cover lines so the magazine looks professional asmost popular magazines have almost the same font forevery piece of writing in it. The colour of the font will have to stand out. So maybeusing a black background with white text might makethe text stand out and also a lot easier to read.