Music Video Analysis Ben Howard

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Music Video Analysis Ben Howard


  • 1. Every Kingdom is the firststudio album by Britishsinger-songwriter BenHoward. It was released inthe United .Kingdom on 30September 2011 as adigital download, on CD,on LP and as a 200 copylimited edition cassette.His music would largelyfall under the genres offolk/acoustic. I think theconcept of this artwork isto represent what kind ofperson the artists is, theimage of a figure in thesea could be illustratingBen Howard's love forsurfing - which is shown inhis charitable work to keepEngland's beaches clean.As you can see Ben Howard is written in large,bold white font. This seems to place value andimportance on the artist himself and his name.This could be due to the fact that not only is hea solo act but this is also his first debut album,therefore his name is important as he isintroducing himself in to the music industry. Theuse of white for the colour of the font could bereflective of how his music and folk/acousticmusic in general is simplistic and wholesome.The use of colours in in thiscover can have a deepermeaning. For example, thebright light in the corner wherethe sun is shining through thesea could connote the artistsbright hopeful future in the musicindustry, or this could beinterpreted in more of a generalway, for example newbeginnings, happiness, peace,purity etc. Another connotationcan be seen in the darkness ofthe water at the bottom, thisdarkness could representunknown and mysterious places.Aspects of Barthes enigmacode can be recognised withinthis cover as what it means is amystery and it allows forambiguity, which means theaudience can interpret it indifferent ways through differentperspectives. The figure in thecover, which Im assuming is theartist himself, also creates anelement of mystery and theaudience is unsure as to who heis or what hes doing.Reception The preferredaudience -would receivethis album cover in apositive way as theywould already like musicof this genre, and theywould enjoy the simplicityand ambiguity of thedesign.Oppositional Audience may not be receivedpositively because they may think its toosimplistic.

2. Goodwins idea of demands of the record label can be recognised here, asthe record label has obviously tried to sell Ben Howard to the public here byplacing his name in such big lettering, and showing only him in the picture.The figure in the picture, as I havepreviously mentioned, is the keysignifier therefore it dominates thewhole of the image, yet we dontknow who the person is. I think it isthe artist which creates the idea thathes important. The figure is placedroughly in the middle of the artworkto allow it to be the central focalpoint of the cover, this means theaudience can look at it and theireyes will instantly go to the figure.They will also link the figure back tothe title and assume that it is theartist who features in it.It could be argued that this cdcover is stereotypical as itcontains the title/artist in bigbold writing, and a picture, andis adhering to the rule of thirds.It could also be said to bestereotypical of the genre aswell, as simplistic photographsincluding nature and plain fontare both common features ofthis genre CD Covers. This CDcover would stand out on a shelfdue to the brightness of the bluewater and the piercing sunalong with the bold title.I think that this CD cover hascodes and conventions that canbe recognised in other CDcovers in the genre. As I havepreviously mentioned the factthat the artists name is in biglettering is conventional of notonly the folk genre but also thesolo artist genre, as the aim ofthe artwork is to promote theartists music and what kind ofpeople they are.It could also be said that this CDCover is not conventional as it doesnot contain any detail on it and is verysimplistic. As the CD cover I will beproducing myself will be the samegenre, I would like to use someelements that this one has used suchas the big, plain, bold font and thesimplistic image. I think that thisallows the artwork to look attractiveand not too busy and not too muchlike others.The use of a photographic imageshowing elements of nature is also aconvention of the folk genre, as seenbelow in similar album artworks ofthe genre: