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  • The Project ORABOLASOrabOlas! Originally a word that expresses boredom and irritation at any situation. However for OrabOlas Project, is also a word that determines the non-conformism in front of what is established by the market. OrabOlas is a different way of seeing the scenery offering, giving you new opportunities for the local market from a critical stance. born of an instinct that drives us to do new things and that does not conform to immediate solutions and purposeless. born of the most pure human instinct, like a child asking to the world and himself, Why not?

    Missionbringing to the Dublin market know-how obtained through the work in brazil, providing visual and different solutions.




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  • Allan Reisbachelor of Mass Communication with specialization in Multimedia Editorial Production, also have a Mba in Marketing and he is specializes in marketing consumer.

    Tuani Caleffi Barbosabachelor in Product Design, Post-Graduated in Design Management.

    Davi Costabachelor in Product Design, Post-Graduation in Visual arts, working for 6 years at Graphics, Industrial and Motion Design.

    ObjectivesThe OrabOlas Project aims to provide communication solutions and design for companies in Dublin. Part of our target are International Colleges, corporate offices and commercial establishments in general.

    MembershipThe Project team is formed by Graphic and Products Design professionals, as well as the area of media and marketing. being able to meet the demands of: graphic design and visual communication, branding, campaign, social media, web marketing and trade marketing.

  • Trade MarketingThe vision of OrabOlas Project is directly linked to its name, which means the non-conformism before established situations, focusing on answering the following questions:

    1) Why noT having a ProjeCT in irelanD?We know that the common place of brazilians coming to Ireland is seeking employment in areas that are not in their field of expertise. For us, it is not consolidated and we believe it is possible to have a different relationship with the local market offering more than cheap workforce: offering CreaTiviTy anD knoWleDge.

    2) Why noT Being a suCCessful ComPany in DuBlin?bringing experiences from the brazilian market, we believe that Dublin is an ideal place for a great projects. a new look for a flat market, thats what we want to do here!

    3) Why is iT alWays The same?With our inquisitive spirit we have reviewed some graphic materials that are distributed in Dublin and marketing initiatives held here. We believe that there are more effective and impactful visual ways to communicate your company.

    4) Why noT To Doing someThing DifferenT sinCe Were here? It is part of the brazilian people to be creative in adverse times. We grew up in the middle of economic and political difficulties, and even then we solve problems with cleverness and creativity. The project brings this spirit to the Dublin market, understanding that you can do different things at any situation.




  • E-MKT

    Social Media Campaigns Website


    Development of websites for companies, applying the best user experience design navigation, efficient ergonomics and a complete infrastructure of information.

    On-time companys website data access accompaniment and social networking accounts. Identifying strengths and weaknesses for immediate action.

    activate online life of the company in the main social networks, maintaining relationships with customers, attracting new fans to the company, all of it with different approaches and appropriate language.

    One of the most used marketing channels for direct communication with your customers and prospects. The e-mail marketing is a tool used by large companies to activate campaigns, maintaining relationships with customers and after sales.

    Data Analytics

  • OffLINEIdeal for exposure of the business at events, or places with a constant flux of people. A banner is an effective channel of immediate communication with customers.

    High impact presentations with great attraction, ideal for CEOs and Company Heads.

    a good campaign is an important tool to spread your brand. It generates new business and influences the buying decision.

    Catalogues, Magazines and Newspapers with a graphic design, aligned with the mission of the company is an effective tool for institutional and promotional communications. ask us about the digital option.

    It is your image in the customers home. That is like inviting your customer to visit him and can influence and reinforces their ideas.

    Business cardsEditorials


    Custom Presentations

    Banners and Folders

  • OUR WorkWe have designed publications, brands, applications and strategies across platforms and devices. Our work try to delight and deliver results. Do you have a challenge for us?

  • Wed love to find out more about you and tell you more about us.

    Maybe we can work together.

    CONTaCT Us:089 980 4519 | 087 397 4010orabolasireland@gmail.com