People Get Ready

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Given at SpeechTEK 2009, NYC.

Text of People Get Ready

  • 1. Hey People! get ready!! get ready!! get ready!! PHILLIP HUNTER [email_address]

2. The Experience Economy

  • What is good experience?
  • How do you create it?
  • How do you measure its impact?

3. Good Experienceis not is not

  • A particular or more or better technology
  • Constrained by channels, modalities, time, place, person, etc.
  • Static or permanent
  • Able to be fully, and maybe not mostly, controlled

4. Warning Signs

  • Do you or does someone you know...
    • Feel like you might not have a real strategy for your IVR service?
    • Not recall the last time your company did a quality of service comparison of all customer channels side-by-side?
    • Suspect your IVR policies might be anti-social?
    • Believe that mobile, web, Twitter, and Facebook customer interactions have little or nothing to do with IVR?

5. Warning Signs

  • Do you or does someone you know...
    • Think that Intelligent IVR is like Sasquatch, rumored but never seen?
    • Get frustrated by the lack of cooperation when callers zero out of the IVR?
    • Think that the word design mean flowcharts and functional specifications?

6. Time to Move on

  • Speech is the same as DTMF
  • Personas must be used, but appropriately
  • Both male and female voice talent is best
  • Natural language wont get everything
  • Containment rates arent the right metric

7. How did things get so bad?

  • Our customers beat paths to our doors...
  • Cost-focus made us decide wed better put in moats, mazes, and potholes to keep them away

8. But...

  • Somehow they keep coming back...
  • Even on the phone
  • But they figured out how to tunnel under and parachute in.

9. They can think?

  • IVR tip sheets
  • Direct numbers accessed
  • Direct email addresses accessed
  • Channel-switching
  • Attention-seeking behaviors
  • This is not going to stop.

10. But this is an opportunity

  • Its not going to stop
  • Embrace or be erased

11. Experience is a Gas

  • Expands to fill the space its given
  • Pervasive across channels
  • Transitory and fragile

12. Experience is Electricity

  • Jumps to wherever it can move and live
    • Mobile transactions
    • Open/new channels
  • Powered by outside forces
    • cloud data access
    • increased savviness

13. Tools are tools

  • Technology connects things
  • When connections are made, then things happen
  • When the right things happen, we are all happy

14. Its not you, its you

  • Demand strategies and assistance that make sense and are nimble
  • But this is not a problem in search of technology

15. Remember why we are here

  • Companies and vendors still treat phone calls as something to deflect
  • Faddish techno-think still rules
  • Little evolution of IVR
  • Designers have let marketers and cranks dominate the conversation
  • Lots of negative press
  • We fail to learn from history and others mistakes
  • We ignored, and still do, the rapid growth of alternate channels
  • We blindly adhere to cost control
  • We ignore the vast opportunities that the phone channel allows (billions of touches and chances to impress a customer)

16. Signs of Trouble

  • The dominant companies give lip-service to truly capable enterprise IVR
  • Rampant consolidation among poorly performing companies, and no one cares
  • The use of CTI and other data sources are still not standard
  • Stubborn and foolish independence abounds
  • Silos remain firmly in place despite customer movements and new corollary channels
  • Media coverage focused on bad experience, but no one does anything
  • Many apps still sound and behave like its 1989
  • Industry financial hardships before the economic crises
  • Industry has not been turned to for additional savings in the economic crisis

17. What are you gonna do?

  • No, really, what are YOU going to do?
  • Are we going to let good experience become another buzz phrase?
  • Other areas are not
  • Customers are not

18. Broken Record time

  • We have to get serious about cross-channel analysis and cooperation
  • Silo-ed companies are falling by the wayside
  • Companies that care about experience are seeing success

19. Getting to the point

  • Experience is the now and future
  • It is harder and slippier than you think
  • But you have to address what your customers are saying they are experiencing