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<ul><li><p>Professional Photo Editing Services Provider </p><p>Image Solutions India achieving image editing services by the experts who working with the field </p><p>instantly. Our regular customers have known the value of our genuine photo editing services. We are </p><p>focusing on image masking services, image manipulation services and clipping path services. Our </p><p>services are 24*7 hours online support. So you can contact our team at any time. </p><p>Whether you want to do simple restoration work or complex task our experienced experts finish it up </p><p>within the allocated time schedule. We have separate team members for each works like clipping, </p><p>masking, retouching, manipulation, illustration, restoration, real estate image editing and 360 panorama </p><p>stitching services. So, we can able to deliver your services within 24 hours. Outsource professional </p><p>photo editing services to revamp your damaged photos into new life. </p><p>Photo Masking Services to Eliminate Complex Image Backgrounds </p><p>In our clients photographs, the hard parts like glass, smoke and hair parts are difficult to achieve with </p><p>Photoshop clipping path services, by the time we are create layer mask to your images to making key </p><p>edges of your portraits. We are doing two types of masking techniques to achieve your images are alpha </p><p>channel masking and Photoshop layer masking services. </p><p> Alpha Channel masking </p><p> Photoshop Layer masking </p><p></p></li><li><p> Translucent masking </p><p> Color masking </p><p> Clipping masking </p><p> Hair masking/Fur masking </p><p>Photo Retouching Services to Digital Photography Business </p><p>We are applying photo retouching services to emphasize the beauty of your personal images by </p><p>removing dark spots, scratches, blemishes, red eye appearance presence. We can also achieve </p><p>imperfections of skin, background and clothing images. We are carefully edit your images and finally </p><p>brings natural look to your images by making all the changes. Get professional photo editing services to </p><p>digital photography business and photographers in UK, USA, Canada, Poland, Norway, France, German </p><p>etc. </p><p> Beauty Retouching </p><p> Wedding Photo Retouching </p><p> Products Retouching </p><p> Vehicle Image Retouching </p><p> Fine Art Photography Retouching </p><p> Commercial photo retouching </p><p> Glamour Retouching </p><p> Headshot Retouching Service </p><p> Print Media Retouching </p><p>Clipping path services to Remove Complex Backgrounds </p><p>Our clipping path services are most needed services in the image editing industry. We will isolate your </p><p>images from unwanted background and pick it to new relevant and transparent white backgrounds. </p><p>Sometimes simple clipping is not suitable to achieve complex images, for that situation we are applying </p><p>complex clipping services to achieve your photos. </p><p> Simple Clipping Path </p><p> Medium Clipping Path </p><p> Complex Clipping Path </p><p> Super Complex Clipping Path </p><p> Multiple Clipping Color Correction </p><p> Background Removal </p><p> Drop shadow creation </p><p> Mirror reflection effect </p><p> Natural shadow creation </p><p>Professional Photo Editing Services for Photography </p><p></p></li><li><p>Photo editing services includes color correction, image resizing and trimming, pop art, cropping, </p><p>manipulation, removing unwanted objects and removing dark spots and blemishes appears in your </p><p>portraits. Whatever your image volume we can achieve within the certain time allocation period and </p><p>delivers qualitative results. </p><p> Professional Photo Editing </p><p> Stock Photo Editing </p><p> Wedding Photo Editing </p><p> Portrait Photo Editing </p><p> Ecommerce Photo Editing </p><p> Product Photo Editing </p><p> Jewellery Photo Editing </p><p>Photo Manipulation Services </p><p>We are providing sophiscated Photoshop photo manipulation services to your photographs. With this </p><p>service we can achieve complex images to achieve with them original glow, finally we delivers your </p><p>images with the shiny effect. We will colorize your images and make the same images with their </p><p>different copies. </p><p> Cropping and resizing </p><p> Removal of jagged edges </p><p> Red eye correction </p><p> Adding missing persons </p><p> Adding, removing &amp; replacing objects </p><p> Adding water marks </p><p> Photo Beautification </p><p> Vehicle image manipulation </p><p> Ghost mannequin effect </p><p> Eliminating busy backgrounds </p><p> Surreal photo manipulation </p><p>Send 2 to 3 images and get free trial editing work from us. Our professional photo editing team will send </p><p>your edited images within fast turnaround time. </p><p>More Information </p><p>Mail to: </p><p>Visit: </p><p></p></li></ul>


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