Ukrainian Embroidery

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  • 1. Embroidery: a cultural heritage of Ukraine

2. I bet you have never seen more beautiful traditional costumes than those in Ukraine! 3. And the reason for that is the Ukrainian embroidery art! 4. Ukrainian embroidery has a long history and it was mentioned first in 513 BC by a famous Greek historian Herodotus. 5. The embroidery plays an important role for Ukrainians and they use it everywhere! 6. For example, to decorate their cloth 7. Or tablecloth used on festive occasions 8. Or pillows 9. Or houses 10. Even toys!.. 11. And of course towelswhich are greatly symbolic for a series of ceremonies and rituals in Ukraine 12. Like marriageThe bride and the bridegroom should step on the towel who does it first, will be dominating in the family 13. Or welcome of the important guests according to the Ukrainian tradition with bread and salton the embroidered towel 14. And last but not leastUkrainian embroidery significantly varies from region to region, where the design has its own history of development which defines its ornamental motifs and compositions, as well as its favorite choice of colors and types of stitches. 15. Embroidery map of Ukraine 16. Thank you for your attention! (Hope, you enjoyed!)