Unit01 a02
Unit01 a02

Unit01 a02

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  • 1. Unit 01 - A02 - Describe the structure of media products Structure and meaning of covers A good cover should: Be recognizable ( Thats the brand) It should be emotionally irresistible (By the appeal of the image) Magnetic and curiosity arousing (To pull the radar in) Intellectually stimulating (Promising Benets) Ecient, fast and easy to scan (Introducing your service) Logical (Makes sense as an investment) Full Bleed image, The picture appears bigger as it continues beyond the connes of the cover. This gives importance & space to the main image and Sell Framed separates the mag from more common full bleed. It concentrates the focus on the central image. The consistent structure helps the brand.

2. Multiple Hit: More cover hits appeal to broader audience. The importance is connected to the size of the cover hit. The logo cover: Logo and cover hits dominate with he design. The content and brand is more important than any content featured in one particular issue. The compromise: Cluttered and multi - hit cover. Little sense of content. Hierarchy suggests enthusiasm and passion. Cant decide what is most important