Wall Stickers & other cost effective Room Makeover Ideas

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Room Makeover Ideas - cost effective ways to transform a room

Wall Stickers & other cost effective Room Makeover Ideas

When deciding upon a room makeover for your kids room, the first consideration will be the age of the child. Is it a newborn babys room you are decorating, or has your toddler grown out of his or her baby room, and youre looking to makeover the bedroom to be more suitable. Plan what you want to do and then research options that will best suit you.

Start by having a clear out. Give away any old toys, clothes, books, or any items that are no longer used by your child. This will create a great deal of space. The less clutter in a kids room the better. Chances are they will use their valued items a lot more.

For those who want to theme walls or create a mural, wall stickers are a great alternative. Wall stickers are a quick, easy and cost effective method of transforming walls from dull to dramatic. There are a range of themes available on the market which will help complete a specific theme. From Princess to Pirates, the chances are you will find wall stickers to match. Most vinyl stickers are simple to use.

FunToSee wall stickers are great as they are kiss-cut, without any white borders so they truly look like a painted on wall mural. WallCandy and Decofun also have a wide selection of wall stickers to choose from.

Use wall stickers to create a fun and effective wall mural

Organise the room. Look at what you have in the room and establish what furniture you may need to accommodate this. Do you have a chest of draws that is over-flowing? Perhaps you can take some seasonal items out and store them in a plastic box under the bed. Plasticstorage.co.uk has a great rangeof plastic storage boxes starting from 1.50. These are also great for storing toys and books. To jazz up furniture and toy boxes add wall stickers to the boxes. Many of them are cleanly removable so they wont damage the furniture.Is the bedroom small? Loft beds are a great way of creating space under the bed, which can be used for a desk or bookshelf. Some of them even come with sofa-bed for sleepovers. Kiddiebeds.co.uk has a great range of loft beds. Themed and Funky bedding can brighten up a room instantly, so even a plain painted room can come to life with bright bedding. Kidzdenz.co.uk offers a unique range of kids bedding.Jazz up boxes with wall stickers

Another important factor to consider in your kids room makeover is the flooring. Does your kids room have carpet? Carpets can get stained quite easily. Parquet or hard wood flooring is best to keep a kids floor neat and tidy. As most carpets contain dust mites, this may affect children with allergies. If you like the sensation of having a carpet then a consider having a rug which can be washed frequently. Choose plain furniture and decorate with wall stickers for a personalised touch

Before starting, take into consideration your budget. How much do you want to spend? Kids room makeovers dont have to be too expensive if you shop around online, but most important of all get your kid involved and have fun!

- By Claudia JosephView Source: FunToSee Ltd - Room Makeover Ideas