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User Experience Designers are increasingly asked to design for social engagement with features like following, commenting, and the critical piece of the viral web; sharing. Tweets, status updates, and content forwards are woven into many of the products and services we use every day, but do we really understand what makes people ~want to share in the first place? You cant just add a button and expect a digital tsunami of shares. To get sharing right, you must understand the basic motivations of sharing and create a framework appropriate to the context. This presentation explores the evolution of sharing behavior, the 3 main psychological motivations that drive people to share, and Guidelines for creating inspired sharing frameworks Ultimately, sharing is good for us as a species and fantastic for the UX community. Find out why and discover how to tap the human desire to share to create happier customers, happier users, and a happier you.

Text of Why We Share

  • Why We Share: Motivations At The Heart of #SharingShare with me @angel #sharing 1
  • New ways to share our livesand thoughts with each otherare being added to thisrainbow all the time. But whatmakes us WANT to share? 2Share with me @angel #sharing Brian Solis &Jesse Thomas available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.
  • I mean this kind of sharingShare with me @angel #sharing 3
  • Designers are increasinglyasked to design for socialengagement and judged bylikes and forwards. We mustunderstand what drives it. Share Icon ProjectShare with me @angel #sharing 4
  • how?Share with me @angel #sharing 5
  • Jude Rolleg 22 months old Kids start out as selfish creatures but we develop egalitarian sharing by the time were 7. Its coded into our culture and our DNA.Share with me @angel #sharing 6
  • Sharing is a reciprocal dance. The warm fuzzy feeling sharing gives us is tied to our relationship types.Share with me @angel #sharing http://www.flickr.com/photos/pgaalien/4170397756/ 7
  • Sharing evolved with our relationships Gimme that banana Lets share You scratch my back, or else! these berries Ill scratch yours. Spouse Friend Dominance Communality ReciprocityShare with me @angel #sharing 8
  • Everyones jumping. It must be safe! Sharing is a survival skill.Share with me @angel #sharing http://www.flickr.com/photos/kristenlou/1310667755/in/photostream/ 9
  • Why?Share with me @angel #sharing 10
  • Followers? Influence? Badges?Share with me @angel #sharing 11
  • Cash & Prizes?Share with me @angel #sharing 12 pbs.org/mediashift/2010/11/can-social-sharing-survive-the-rise-of-rewards-based-campaigns312.html
  • Brand Likers say they become fans to just to receive discounts & promotions.Share with me @angel #sharing 13
  • Marketers are smart fortapping into our desireto share because we donaturally.Share with me @angel #sharing http://www.flickr.com/photos/wlodi/3152672560/ 14
  • Beyond reward systems, sharing satisfies three basic human goals.Share with me @angel #sharing 15
  • 1. BraggingShare with me @angel #sharing 16
  • Its not 100% narcissism. Brags can have altruistic content like sharing potentially interesting or useful information.Share with me @angel #sharing 17
  • Youre only human.Share with me @angel #sharing 18
  • Bragging seeks validation. The like button Is popular because it gives responders a 1-click way to respond appropriately.Share with me @angel #sharing 19
  • 1 To spread valuable/entertaining content2 To define ourselves to others3 To nourish relationships4 Self-fulfillment5 To get the word out about causes or brands This is ALL bragging, really.Share with me @angel #sharing 20
  • 2. ComplainingShare with me @angel #sharing 21
  • Complaining can be constructive. Just ask Joshua Kaufman, who blogged complaints after Oakland police ignored the fact that he could provide them with photos of the thief and the exact location of his stolen laptop.Share with me @angel #sharing 22
  • Success! Recovered property + 5k new Twitter followers WINNINGShare with me @angel #sharing 23
  • Ditto / +1 / RT Complaining seeks agreement. So weve created short-hand ways to quickly agree with complaints that resonate for us.Share with me @angel #sharing 24
  • 3. Reaching OutShare with me @angel #sharing http://www.flickr.com/photos/dewberry85/1799349711/ 25
  • Share with me @angel #sharing 26
  • Almost instantly, I received a flood of comfort and reassurance. (Shes fine now, by the way.)Share with me @angel #sharing 27
  • I feel utterly alone.Share with me @angel #sharinghttp://travel.3yen.com/2007-02-23/japanese-snow-monkeys/ 28
  • Maybe we need something like this.Share with me @angel #sharing 29
  • Sharing = CaringShare with me @angel #sharing 30
  • Now What?Share with me @angel #sharing 31
  • Knowing what motivates people to share means that we can design more optimal sharing mechanisms.Share with me @angel #sharing Illustration from Bill Verplanks Talk at IxD11, http://hci.sapp.org/lectures/verplank/interaction/ 32
  • Top 6 Social Design Considerations: 1. Landscape 2. Frameworks 3. Social Objects 4. Personal Boundaries 5. Privacy 6. Friction Give people tools to brag, complain, and reach out while considering these.Share with me @angel #sharing 33
  • 1. LandscapeShare with me @angel #sharing 34
  • The landscape is crowded. How will your system fit in?Share with me @angel #sharing 35
  • Social Layer Cake Conversation Family/FriendsProfessional Trust Intimacy Share with me @angel #sharing 36
  • The plethora of sharing capabilities has given rise to tools that let people daisy chain their social networks together.Share with me @angel #sharing 37
  • Cross Post buttons lets people share with many s