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  • 1. Success6 Steps to

2. About UsMasters Degree in Internet MarketingDigital Marketing ConsultantInstructor at UNFSpecialize in: SEO Digital Marketing Strategy Social Media Training Digital Media Buying 3. About UsBachelors of Science in Advertising, UFSocial Media Marketing ConsultantSpecialize in: Social Media Training Social Media Marketing Management Modern Marketing Strategies Strategic Planning 4. Success6 Steps to 5. By the Numbers 70of the Fortune 100use 6. By the Numbers 7. Q. Who is Using LinkedIn?By the NumbersA. Your Customers & Your Competition. 8. 6Content stepsBuild 100% ProfileConnect with Important ContactsDistribute Thought Leading InformationLead Groups and DiscussionsLeverage Your NetworkGet Results 9. Build 100% ProfileBuild100%Profile 10. SPYprofileson other 11. Spy on other Profiles 12. Your BioWrite your bioConversationally 13. Your BioThisisNOT Your Resume 14. RecommendingAskfor&MakeRecommendations 15. RecommendingOnlywaytoget100% 16. GroupsJoinGroups 17. GroupsBroadenyour network 18. ConnectConnectwithImportant contacts 19. 500+ Goal. 500+contacts 20. Your GroupsuseyourGroups toconnect 21. saYour Invitationmaken. It o:atio d t invit pareyour com lize ssion n. edIona preink nL ers imkowor Peral n etettion fessbromyp u toyo dt o ad like Id eGuy is on - Th 22. DistributeDistributeinformation 23. Thought Leadership Exemplify thought leadership 24. Thought LeadershipMark WeyersBethe source 25. SharelikeShareCommentOtherusersinformation 26. Comment/Like/ShareJust thepushBUTTON 27. SalesSELLsparingly 28. Sell SparinglyHey buy my stuff, its totally great and now its 50% off! Heres a linkthat doesnt work!! www.buystufffocheap.netDid you know that the competition has messed up every order thisweek. Not us! and for a limited time you can get FREE SHIPPING.Click on this unfunctional link: www.buystufffocheap.netHave you read the Blog post about our new catalog? Youshouldnt miss this great deal on all of our items on stock!! Thismisspelled link will take you there CLICK IT!:www.buystufffocheap.netSPAM(Dont Do It) 29. CalendarBuildanEditorialCalendar 30. LeadLead &groups discussions 31. Ask QuestionsASKanswer 32. Land inAsk Questionstheinbox 33. Poll&distribute take Polls 34. Take & Distribute PollsPOLL them 35. Take & Distribute PollsandGETresults 36. Leverageleverageyournetwork 37. Leverage your NetworkLISTEN 38. Leverage your NetworkPOUNCE 39. Leverage your NetworkGetintroduced 40. Leverage your NetworkSomanyoptions 41. Leverage your Network InMail100% Open RateLow CostOnly Pay for Opened InMails30% More Effective Communication 42. Get ResultsGETresults 43. Measure your Performance 44. Measure your PerformanceOctob erHow m any comments2How m any co2nnectionsHow m17any profile v iews 12 NovemHow m berany comments1How m 9-3any connect ionsHow m 20 + any pr ofile v 3 iews22 + 10Increasebrandawareness 45. The ScoreHow Didyouscore? 46. ScoreFinal Score 12 47. Additional Opportunities Utilize Apps. Market With Ads Are You Prepared? Get the right covererage for your Commercial Property from Mark Weyers.>>Learn More 48. QuestionsQuestions thank you