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  • 1. 10-13th JanuaryCES 2012Consumer Electronics Show Ogilvy Digital Labs findings By Will HarveyCES is the worlds Largest Electronics show, with this year over 150,000 attendees from across the globe. People have been descending on Las Vegas for CES, for the last 40 years. It showcases the latest and greatest in new technology from large companies such as Microsoft to start ups like Blipper. Over 20,000 new products are launched over the 3 days of the event, to an audience of tech companies, media1specialists, marketers and press exposing what they predict will be big in 2012. Within this report, I have compiled all that I discovered and foresee as being benecial for Ogilvy to stay ahead of the market. In order for us to predict how customers will engage and interact with brands in 2012 we need to recognize the technologies our customers will choose to change their ever developing lifestyle. Any Questions please contact me at Will.Harvey@ogilvy.com @WilliamEdHarvey

2. TRENDSTrends The trends we need to be aware of in 2012In 2012 half of Televisions that will be sold will be internet enabledTwo ScreenWith the increased market growth and uptake of tablet devices in the home(over 1/3 US homes have one) The interaction between the Main screen in the home and the second screen will revolutionise the way consumers interact with the content on TV. Opening up new possibilities of marketing using such systems as Audio triggering that allow the tablet to have content triggered on to it depending on what is on the main screen.The TV will regain its role as Hub of the home with the interconnectivity of multiple devices in the home eco-system Tablet owners DOUBLED over the Christmas period, its the largest take up of a new media platform EVER Sahwn DeBravac Chief Economist & Director of Research CEA3D PrototypingIf you haven't had a chance to see 3D prototyping in action yet, I advise you to check out Makerbot.com. 3D prototyping is now becoming as affordable as traditional printing (2500), with lots of talk about the possibilities of every home having a 3D printer in the not too distant future. This allows consumers to Build your own products with the supply and demand interaction between customer and company to change.restrictions between the different devices advertising will be making an impact on to take a back seat to user experience that screen real-estate with a whole new and function demands. potential for our clients.The average household has an average of 5-6 connected devices from different manufacturers so are manufactured for a very silo-like eco-system. That shall change starting this year making available consumer friendly eco-systems from the technological connectivitySuper-phonesInteresting Find BubblePixHome Eco-SystemInternet enabled TVwith once the scope is simply clipped onto the device. It is a simple and slick way of capturing your surroundings and environments in a much more fun and engaging way.Smart TVs and App enabled televisions will be a big focus of 2012 as the biggest screen in your home becomes connected to the internet. With half of all new TVs produces this year internet enabled opens whole new possibilities of experiences and interactions. We need to understand what could be had through this new means of engagement by the consumer. Samsungs SMART app store is ever expanding with applications custommade for the television space andUK Start upBubblescope Allows users to capture 360 degree photos and videos of there environment then share with Friends and Family to interactive with at a later time.2Uk based start-up company BubblePix we met up with whilst out at CES. They have developed a clip on scope that can allow any ios (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) device to shoot full 360 degree photos and videos. That then can be interacted with at a later time using their embedded media player app. The simple little scope is designed to t easily into the pocket of the user and has 3 different angles you can shootSmart phones are so 2011, Superphones are the next stage of evolution for the phone market. With the increased development of new technologies that t within the phone, such as higher resolution cameras and duel core processor, phones are due to overtake traditional personal computers in processing power to open up the ood gates for bigger and better apps.Possible UsesThis could be a fantastic affordable (69) product that Expedia could use to give out to 100 of its customers as part of a competition. When they go on holiday they can capture 360 degree images of the hotel, resort and beach. That could then be used by Expedia to give future visitors to their site more engaging experiential images of holiday destinations and insider tips. 3. CURRENT TECHNOLOGYWhat we need to embrace in 2012 Smart TVsThe increase of internet enabled TVs (see the adoption and growth of the Smart TV) television with apps and added functionality. Samsung is one of the big drivers in this market as it presents a whole new way that consumers are engaging with their televisions. This illustrates even more possibilities for marketers to get their brands in front of the home user. This year marks the rst initiative for advertisers to make use of this new real estate on the home TV as banners are beginning to launch on the SMART interface. This presents Ogilvy with the chance to embrace this new way of content engagement with possible branded apps for the TV or interactive banner ad games?Kinect is just a box of sensors, but understanding how to utilize those elements made it the largest launching product of all time Sensorization of everyday consumer technology is going the same way. How can we utilize that? Tablets Tablets Everywhere....Another BIG part of CES this year was tablets. With most major manufacturers releasing or announcing new tablet devices, and market growth from last year of 308% it is becoming a key device in the market. With lots of new manufacturers now entering the market (Amazon, Voice and Gesture Technology The leaps in voice and gesture Sensorisation such RIM, ASUS) it presents the challenge of what horse to back and develop for? So it seems that as Apples Siri and Microsoft Kinect (now everyone and their mothers ( and Grandmothers..) available for PC).The growth of availability of will have a tablet by the end of 2012. So, how can these sensors in our everyday devices, presents we make the most of that? Only time will tell who new possibilities of consumer interaction and engagement if we can understand how to utilise it will come out ahead but it is something we need to pay close attention to for our Clients. and embrace it for a campaign. One great example is our Lab partner who was displaying at CES: OMEK. They mainly deal with gesture and NFC/RFID With the wider availability of contact payment body tracking using a number of cameras growing and devices being enabled, a lot of talk available on the market. They have developed was around the possibilities of using RFID/ NFC programs that can measure multiple users sex, There was talk of the iPhone 5 having it, and with height, age and then deliver content depending on Apple as such a key player in the smartphone those pre-set demographics that the user can the market it will no doubt be the catalyst on the take access through using hand and body gestures. up and growth of the infrastructure of the technology.Tablets and TVs The home eco-system with the interconnectivity of devices and ability to share content will change the way consumers engage with brands.3 4. FUTURE TECHNOLOGYTechnology will be pushed into the background, and user experience and solution will be crucial for any brand to understand Consumers are becoming more digitally savvy and aware, so to engage with them present them with new challenges and opportunities for usFuture Technology That really wowed us Transparent LCDThe technology that got most attention on the show oor was the prototype transparent TV from Samsung. A television set that can display normal media but then can be switched to become transparent so you can view directly through it, it was a touch screen as well. It something you have to see to believe. We have seen the use of an early version of the technology on a vending machine, but was limited to black and white. Samsung said there are no plans to bring it to the market at this time, but imagine the possibilities if you could replace your windows in your home with transparent displays. Life imitating Art. TRUE Glassless 3DGlassless 3D has made some massive steps forward with the development of new technology, this second generation of 3D TV uses face tracking technology that can monitor up to 10 users faces and change the content on screen depending on those users locations. Sony had 3 models showing off the possibilities of Glassless 3D. The use of this kind of4technology could make a massive impact in the digital out of home market. Dual Play DisplaysThis technology is very early on in its development but I have NEVER seen something like this, prototypes were on display by both Samsung and LG. Dual Play was a new technology that uses 1 television set to display 2 different content feeds and depending on what glasses you were wearing you were able to view that content. For example, in the same room your partner could be watching Eastenders and you could be watching Top Gear, all on the same screen at the same time but the different glasses let you watch different content feeds. Want to Know More?I hope you found this interesting and perhaps came across some interesting ndings you can use. We have a number of documents from the event if you would like to know more, Please get in contact. Will.harvey@ogilvy.com