Data recovery give your data a fighting chance

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Data Recovery: Give Your Data a Fighting Chance

Did you know that about 60% of companies who lost their data will go out of business after six months? As you can see, data loss is a very serious disaster and should be acted upon so that further damage will be countered. According to a data recovery in San Jose, Citrix XenServer Recovery, doing preventive measures can greatly help in decreasing the chances of data loss, thus preventing future loss of profits due to this disaster.

Here a few things that you need to know in order to save yourself from facing the perils of data loss:

Build your primary recovery defense. The very first step to fix data issues is to prevent it from happening. Your computer should have a steadfast recovery tool kit to save your data if something goes wrong. Some examples mentioned by one of the best data recovery in San Jose, Citrix XenServer Recovery are Undelete Plus, SoftPerfect File Recover and Recuva among others. Dont despair over a simple file deletion. If you just mistakenly deleted a file, it can still be recoverable even if you have deleted it from the recycle bin. Yes, thats true as long as you didnt use a secure data deletion tool. What happens to the file, you may ask. The data is altered to tell Windows that the space occupied by the file can now be used. Using a data recovery software can recover this, as long as it is not overwritten with fresh data.

Maximize your usage of the USB flash drive. If you have started to lose data on your drive, it is wise not to install any program to it until you recover your file. Make use of your USB flash drives. You can install a recovery program in it and run it in your system until you recover your lost file. There are lots of portable versions or data recovery programs that you can use.

Data Recovery can be done outside Windows. If your trusty Operating System failed you, there can still be hope for your data. If plugging your drive to another PC doesnt work, you can use as bootable rescue disk which gives you access to your files. An example of this would be a BartPE disk or a Linux live CD.

Pick the right search; also do deep searches too. Most data recovery tools use a wide variety of searches in order to recover specific file types. Deep searches are more thorough yet slower since it scans the drive cluster by cluster which is very useful in finding data from lost drives or partitions.

Fix corrupted files. There is a great chance that you may recover a corrupted file. If this happens, think about investing in a third party software that supports a wide range of file formats such as PC Tools File Recover and Recover My Files.

Be prepared to shed a few hundreds of dollars. If you have tried all other steps and your data remains irretrievable, then it might be time to hand it to the data recovery specialists. But ask yourself, would it be worth it?

If you lost your data, do not despair. There is still hope, somehow. Just make sure what needs to be done at the first signs of damage so you wont lose any important files, or you wont have to spend hundreds of dollars.

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